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Roush Room: Ask Matt, 11.18.02 ...

Question: Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. I just watched the latest episode (the dance marathon) and was totally upset about how Dean broke up with Rory. It completely took me by surprise, but she did have it coming. I was wondering if you had any idea what's going to happen to Dean now? Will he leave the show? I hope not because I really liked him, but I don't see any other way he can stay on.

Matt: As of now, Jared Padelecki is still a series regular, though for a while he'll obviously be seen less often. I'm told there are a few touching reconciliatory "let's be friends" scenes in the offing, so those of us who side with the nice guys (over James Dean wannabes like Jess) can at least look forward to that. I'm still dismayed at how the writers lost interest altogether in such a promising romantic character, who once fell asleep with Rory reading Dorothy Parker and went on to build her a chariot. Whatta guy.

Question: I'm having severe Lauren Graham withdrawal pains. She was supposed to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Tuesday, November 5, but was bumped off for the election coverage. Would you know when that particular episode will be aired? She was a blast the last time she was on. Conan's a funny host and they're both a thrill to watch. Grace

Matt: I checked with NBC, and was told that a family situation caused Conan to cancel the taping of that episode. But they're as crazy about the Gilmore Girls star as we are, and would love to have her back sometime. So stay tuned.
Credit: TV Guide Online

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