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Chad Michael Murray Set to Get Freaky, 11.12.02 ...

If you're currently dealing with a WB season full of Chad Michael Murray withdrawal, we can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of him next year --both on the boob tube AND the big screen.

Murray, who is currently hard at work on "The Lone Ranger," his new WB television series, (set to air mid-season) has just signed on to his first big movie role as part of the cast of the Disney remake "Freaky Friday," reports the Hollywood Reporter.

"Friday" stars "Parent Trap" cutie Lindsay Lohan alongside actress Jamie Lee Curtis as a mother and daughter who wake up one morning to discover that they've switched bodies and lives for the day.

While Murray's role in the film has yet to be announced, one could safely assume it's as Lohan's love interest -- something he should have no problem nailing, since he's cut his acting teeth alongside WB babes Alexis Bledel and Katie Holmes.

"Freaky Friday" is set to hit theaters sometime in 2003.

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