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Gotta Love the Gilmore Girls, 11.12.02 ...

I hate it when people ask me what my favorite TV show is. It's a natural question. I am, after all, a television critic. (No, I don't get paid to watch TV, I get paid to write about it. It just requires watching it before writing about it.)

The problem is, I don't really have a good answer to the question. I like lots of different shows in lots of different genres. How can I choose among the "Late Show With David Letterman," "Friends," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," college football coverage, "Enterprise," "Angel," "Survivor," CNN, "24," "The Amazing Race," "The West Wing," "CSI," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "The Simpsons," "Malcolm In the Middle" and "Everwood," just to name a few?

If you forced me to choose just one show, however, I'd be tempted to go with "Gilmore Girls" (Tuesdays, 7 p.m., Ch. 30). I love that show.

For those of you who haven't availed yourself of one of the best hours on TV, Lauren Graham stars as Lorelai Gilmore, a smart, funny, attractive, thirtysomething woman who gave birth out of wedlock at the age of 16. That, not surprisingly, caused a major rift with her well-to-do parents (Edward Herrman and Kelly Bishop), so Lorelai raised her baby, Rory (Alexis Bledel) on her own. Rory turned out great, and Lorelai built a great life for the both of them in the small, idyllic town of Stars Hollow.

The town itself is a "Gilmore" character and it's populated by a number of characters who can only be described as characters. All of which adds to the ambience of a show that can make you laugh, think and cry, sometimes in the same moment.

Only in Stars Hollow could you believe that a 24-hour dance marathon right out of the 1940s could not only take place but be a big event. And that Lorelai could be obsessed with winning so obsessed that when her other partners fall through, she talks Rory into pairing up with her.

All of which plays out as a background to some serious issues for Rory. She's a very smart girl, but she hasn't figured out how to balance her loyalty and affection for her boyfriend, Dean, and the (relatively) bad boy in town, Jess.

Not that "Gilmore Girls" is a teen show all generations are treated equally well by the writers, headed by creator/executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. Even the grandparents, which is a real rarity in television.

"Gilmore Girls" is great stuff. Don't miss it.
Credit: Deseret News

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