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It's Love and War on Gilmore Girls, 11.12.02 ...

Rory's twisted love life -- she's been dating boy scout Dean but yearning for bad boy Jess -- reaches the boiling point this week on Gilmore Girls. "This is where the Jess/Rory/Dean triangle comes to a head and finally explodes," previews creator/executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Rooked into being her mother's partner in the annual Stars Hollow 24-hour dance marathon, Rory gets distracted when both guys show up. "It's a fun dance contest," Sherman-Palladino enthuses. "Everyone is dressed in '40s outfits. There's a swing band. Lorelai has been trying to win this marathon for the last 10 years."

Jess takes the opportunity to stick it to Rory. "Jess has been dating this girl, Shane. He tries to throw that relationship into Rory's face," notes Sherman-Palladino, adding that "Jess sits right in front of Rory with his girlfriend." When Rory and Jess argue, "Dean notices big-time."

The ruckus forces Rory to finally confront her feelings for Jess. "This is the first time that Rory is going to have to admit some things to herself," notes Sherman-Palladino. "Things that her mother has pointed out. Things that other people have alluded to. Things that everybody knows but her. This is the first time that Rory allows herself to even think it."

Which means the beginning of the end for Rory and Dean. "I always knew that I not only wanted to do the whole 'first falling in love' thing, I wanted to do the whole 'first falling out of love' thing, too," she says. "That is as dramatic as anything in your entire life. That first boyfriend is so intense and important. What's interesting is that the Jess character was not brought in as part of a love triangle. Jess was brought in because I wanted to broaden Luke's world, but he did heat up the Rory/Dean thing. That allowed me to do that first breakup in a much more heart-wrenching way. I've had a year and a half now to gear all this up, to let [Rory and Dean] go through this. By the time they do break up, it will be like, 'It's time. We're ready.'"

Feedback on this triangle is split. "It's passionate one way and the other," she admits. "Dean is romantic love, which is what we have when we're very young. It's like, 'I love David Cassidy. We'll hold hands and skip along the beach.' Even though, in real life, you know if you met David Cassidy, you'd go into his trailer and...But that's not the way it is with romantic love. Jess is sexual love. Once you realize, 'Oh! That's what you do in the trailer,' then you need a Jess."
Credit: Soap Opera Weekly

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