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TV Gal Gives Gilmore Girls a Promotion, 11.11.02 ...

Last week, Newsweek named "Gilmore Girls" as one of the best shows for younger teens.

Now since you can often finding me singing along to Avril Lavinge's "Sk8er Boi" or discussing Justin Timberlake's solo career as if it is this week's biggest news story, I'm not surprised that I like something that appeals to those many years younger than I am.

However, I say "Gilmore Girls" is one of the best shows on television no matter what your age.

"Gilmore Girls" has succeeded in ways other shows have not. It has created a charming town filled with delightful characters. And even though we know that a town like Stars Hollow couldn't possibly exist, we still believe these characters and their surroundings. It's created a fantastic love triangle with Rory, Jess, and Dean. Each week the story lines propel forward, with no character left in a perpetual holding pattern.

Last week's stellar episode epitomized all that "Gilmore Girls" does right. Amid the many pop-culture references (my personal favorite was the mention of "For Keeps." Not many shows can get away with mentioning a little known Molly Ringwald movie) was Lorelai's heartbreaking realization that Christopher was going to spend his life with another woman and that this woman would play a role in Rory's life. Also prevalent was the crackling chemistry between Rory and Jess. Their interaction is akin to him pulling her pigtails on the playground. Like Mary on "7th Heaven," Jess is about as bad as someone in Stars Hollow is going to get.

His carefree shrug, cutting put-downs and disgust for the small town he lives in mask a guy in pain. He also represents for Rory the possibility that she could fall out of love with someone -- even someone she still cares for very deeply. Smartly, this season the show has backed off Lorelai's unfailing support of Dean. She's letting her daughter make her own decisions.

I said this awhile ago -- but it's still true -- the best television love triangles happen when you are rooting for both options. Both Jess and Dean are appealing boyfriends for Rory for different reasons. Since I'm picking on "Ed" these days, let me again emphasize that this is the problem with the Carol/Ed/Dennis storyline. Nobody wants Carol with Dennis. Not one single television viewer (spare maybe John Slattery's family) wants Carol to actually marry Dennis.

The following paragraphs of the article include spoilers.

On this week's "Gilmore Girls" (Tuesday, WB, 8 p.m.), you'll see the culmination of the Rory, Jess, and Dean story arc. Set against the backdrop of a 24-hour dance marathon and some great choreography, the trio finally acknowledges what has been happening.

I would choose Stars Hollow as my venue to relive my adolescent days. Not only does Rory have the attention of two perfectly charming boys, but Lane and Paris are also find a little love this Tuesday. Believe me, a smitten Paris is quite amusing.
Credit: Zap2it

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