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Chad is Rad!, 12.01.01 ...

Dawsonís Creek hottie Chad Michael Murray took some time out from a basketball game to call TV Hits for an exclusive chat!

Hey Chad, thanks for the chat! Where are you at the moment?

Iím in LA and Iím just hanging out playing basketball with my boys Ė my best friend, my other buddy whoís a comedian and a bunch of other actors.

Are you returning to work for the sixth season of Dawsonís Creek?

Uh, no, Iím not working on Dawsonís Creek this year.

So your character Charlieís not coming back, then?

It doesnít seem that way!

What was it like working on Dawsonís Creek?

Oh man, I had a riot! When I first got down there it was a little tough cause I didnít know anybody, and I was the new guy. But after a while I showed them what I was made of and I got along with everyone! They became like a family to me really quickly. I got to know Josh [Jackson] and Kerr [Smith] first then I got to know everybody, and by the end of the season we were all close.

Were you nervous your first day on the set?

I donít really get nervous but I was anticipating what it would be like. My first day was incredibly hot, it was humid and just exhausting but once I met everybody things smoothed out.

Are you going to return as Tristan on Gilmore Girls?

Yes, Iím going to do a few episodes this season.

What are the big differences between working on Gilmore Girls and Dawsonís?

Theyíre completely different! Firstly Dawsonís shoots in North Carolina where Iím completely out of my element, whereas Gilmore Girls shoots here in LA. I get to wake up and walk to the set itís so close! Itís a completely different crew, Gilmore Girls hasnít been going as long and I started with Gilmore Girls so from the beginning Iíve known everyone.

Did you enjoy filming Dawsonís in North Carolina?

Yeah, but it was hard for everybody cause theyíre away from their family, away from their friends and itís incredibly difficult to say, "OK, Iíve got to start my life again."

What does the cast do on days off?

If you have four or more days, everyone takes off and just disappears. If weíve only got a couple of days off weíll hang out, go for a pizza, and in the summer weíll go out on the boat and go jet skiing and just have as much fun as we can!

Do you believe itís time for Dawsonís to end?

Personally, I canít answer that question because I havenít been there since the beginning. I think all of them are ready to move on and start anew, but I canít really speak for them. It has a great following and people like it, and if they still want to watch it and like it then it shouldnít end.

You and Busy Phillips, who plays Audrey, started on the show at the same time. Did you bond as the new Creekers?

Busyís such a cool girl! In the beginning Busy and I were staying at a hotel, so we got to know each other and weíd go grab food together because we didnít know anyone else. But then she kinda bonded with the girls and I bonded with the guys and we all ended up hanging out. I remember one night Busy dislocated her knee when we were going out to eat and u took care of her and took her to the hospital!

Who is the best kisser Ė Katie Holmes or Michelle Williams?

[Laughs] Iíve made out with all the girls in the show! Whoís a better kisser? Iím just going to say they both have different styles!

From starring opposite Alexis on Gilmore Girls to working with Katie and Michelle on Dawsonís, youíve scored some good rolesÖ

[Laughs] Yeah, it seems to be the way my careerís going. I make out with everybody in everything I do. Iím not complaining though!

Your Dawsonís character cheated on Jen, and on Gilmore Girls, Tristan torments Rory. Do your fans get upset that your characters are such bad boys?

For some reason people really enjoy them, and they see thereís a goodness to both Charlie and Tristan. Even though Charlie did cheat on Jen he redeems himself later on. I think people are very forgiving towards Charlie!

Do you have any fan experiences which stick out in your mind?

A lot of the fans follow everything I do, like if I did a TV commercial theyíd know about it. I was mobbed once at Disneyland. I was there with my friends waiting in line for the Indiana Jones ride and suddenly this girl comes running out through the crowd yelling, "Tristan, Tristan, I love you!" Then she throws her arms around me and runs off. I love people, I do, but itís weird cause everyone stares at you.

Do you now wear a disguise when you go out in public?

Itís not so bad, but if Iím going somewhere young adults are going to be then Iíve got to take precautions. Sometimes I go on a date, Iíll have to put on a hat because I donít want to be recognised!

Are you recoginised as Tristan, Charlie or Chad?

For a long time it was Tristan, and Iím starting to become known as Charlie. It becomes more real when someone comes up and says, "Hey Chad." And youíre like, "How do you know my name?"

Have you been to Australia?

No, but Iím hoping to. From everything Iíve read or seen, I love Australia!

Credit: Australian Magazine, TV Hits

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