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Alexis Bledel Hottest Girl Next Door, 07.01.02 ...

NAME: Alexis Bledel

AGE: 20


HEAT FACTOR: As Rory, the younger Gilmore girl, she's the single best reason to stay home on a Tuesday night. And just think: It's Alexis' first role. Ever.

DAILY GIRLS: "We typically work 14 hour days, five days a week, and Lauren Graham, who plays her mom, Lorelai and I are in every scene."

FREQUENT FLIER: Just two years ago Alexis's work as catalog model took her all around the world, including Milan and Tokyo.

HABLA ESPANOL: Alexis's first language is Spanish. Her mom is from Mexico and her dad was born in Argentina.

PASSIONS: Brushing up on her piano skills. She keeps a keyboard in her trailer to practice between scenes. "All my instructor wanted to teach me was Beatles songs, and I wanted to play classical music. Now, of course, I love the Beatles and want to learn those too."

UP NEXT: Her film debut in this fall's tearjerker Tuck Everlasting.

THE LAST WORD: "It's nice to be part of something that you're really proud of. Everyone jokes that I'm too lucky, that the show just kind of caught on, and I haven't had the painful experience of being on something that I'm not proud of. But that doesn't mean I appreciate Gilmore Girls any less."

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