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Stylish Brows Add Twinkles to Eyes, 07.19.02 ...

It is possible to be too thin in Hollywood, after all. At least when it comes to eyebrows. Glamour girls such as Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Graham, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Lara Flynn Boyle and Sharon Stone are going for a thicker, not-so-dramatic shape these days. Lopez's look is often requested at Anastasia, the Beverly Hills salon the entertainer frequents.

Stylish eyebrows are neither the caterpillar-like ones Brooke Shields once had nor the ultra-thin brows Pamela Anderson sported a few years ago.

"Thinner eyebrows make you look older," says Anastasia's owner, licensed aesthetician Anastasia Soare. Her clients include Stone, Winfrey, Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, Debra Messing, Oded Fehr and Hank Azaria.

"When you are in your 40s, you lose the fat around your eyes and the space (between the eyes and brows) gets bigger. Going thinner makes the space even bigger. Having thick eyebrows is not going to reveal too much upper lid, so it's going to give you a more youthful look."

Which of course is what every actor wants. Eyebrow specialist Damone Roberts, who counts Graham, Madonna, Kevin Richardson, Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds and the Wagners (Natasha, Katie and Courtney) among his many clients, agrees with Soare.

"Eyebrows now are definitely a lot thicker and more natural," he says. "We're going back toward the more natural arch. They're still defined and precise, but it's more natural. A year or two ago, we were going a lot thinner with a higher arch."

How important are eyebrows? Consider that Oprah flies to L.A. every two to four weeks to visit Soare's salon. Soare charges $50 for first-timers and $40 thereafter. Both she and Roberts ($45 and $40) are booked three months in advance but take walk-ins. Roberts operates out of Sager French salon and once a month hops a plane to New York to take care of his clients at Lepine in Manhattan, where he charges $55 initially and $45 for maintenance.

"He does the perfect eyebrow shape," Graham said after a recent appointment. "Not too thin, with a great arch."

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