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Gilmore Girl Goes Boy Crazy!, 05.01.02 ...

As Rory on Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel plays a smart schoolgirl who's more about Atlas Shrugged than Teen Beat. Even so, she's just as susceptible to a bad boy's charms as wayward mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham)!

Last night's episode "is the first indication that that might be part of her personality," Bledel tells TV Guide Online. "We haven't seen that before." Here's the sitch: Though she's dating good-boy Dean (Jared Padalecki), Rory agreed to tutor her new crush, Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Setting aside their studies, Jess took Rory on a wild car ride leading her straight to the ER with a broken wrist.

Though banished to New York by his uncle, look for Jess to return soon. In the season finale airing May 21 Rory and the rebel even share a steamy kiss! But why would she betray dreamy Dean?

"Rory liked Dean from the beginning because he saw that she was smart and different from the other kids," Bledel says. "I don't think it's over. The predominant drama when we get back [next season] is facing the mess she causes in the season finale."

No doubt when Rory returns from her summer internship in Washington, D.C., she'll still be nursing this yen for Jess, though. "Everybody sees Jess as some punk problem kid," Bledel explains, "but she sees something in him. She's the only one he opens up to, so it's like their own little secret and that's what's intriguing about him." Still, the actress laughs: "I hope it's not boy sagas for the rest of the show's run!"

Meanwhile, Bledel's busy promoting a cause Rory would approve of. "Baskin Robbins is hosting Free Scoop Night tonight from 6 to 10 pm," she says, "and for every scoop they give out, they make a donation to First Book, a national children's literacy program." Ever adorable, she adds: "My favorite flavor is Rainbow Sherbet because it has three different flavors. Really good!"
Credit: TV Guide Online

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