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Heartbreak Horror Stories, 05.01.02 ...

We all know hooking up is never as foolproof or dignified as it looks on TV. In fact, sometimes the reality of romance is downright humiliating. Here, some WB faces reveal some of the most embarrassing things they've done in the name of love.

Alexis Bledel - Gilmore Girls
"I had a crush on this guy at school, and my friend and I would try to get his attention. We didn't know him, and we didn't know anybody who knew him; he was kind of a loner. So we would do all these ridiculously immature things at school to try to get his attention. He didn't even know I was alive."

Keiko Agena - Gilmore Girls
"I was in this play and totally in love with the lead. He was, like, 17 years old, and I was 10. I gave him this card that said, 'For Chris, heart, heart, heart, Keiko.' Soon after, I found out he was going out with the other lead. I can still remember how I agonized over how many hearts I should use in the card."

Milo Ventimiglia - Gilmore Girls
"I don't know. I've admitted I was wrong. I don't think that's embarrassing, though."


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