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Alexis Bledel Face Reading, 05.01.02 ...

Naomi Tickle is one of the world's most sought-after face-reading experts and author of It's All in the Face: The Key to Finding Your Life Purpose. Naomi evaluates Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel to find out that she is very independent, cherishes her friends and family, and more.

Most Telling Trait: Her forehead. People with high foreheads like Alexis need to be intellectually challenged all the time. If her work does not fill that need, she will find another outlet that satisfies her mentally. Alexis's forehead is also oval in shape, meaning her home and family are very important to her. If she decided to take on another career, she might choose a health-related field. Alexis is also very creative and often takes an original approach to situations. The tight skin across her forehead indicates she likes a squeaky-clean environment. And the way Alexis's forehead slopes outward around the edges of her eyebrows means she's a deep thinker.

Eyes: People with large irises like Alexis's tend to get caught up in other people's emotional situations. This often leaves her feeling drained.

Nose: Alexis's nostrils are flared. This means she is very independent and likes to do things her way. She can be a little impatient and pushy if things are moving too slow. Most of the time she sees the finish line long before anybody else, and often can accomplish tasks in half the time it takes the rest of us.

Lips: The shape of Alexis's mouth suggests that she's very conscientious about her appearance and her surroundings. Whether she's going to brunch or to the gym, you can bet that her clothes and extras like her sneakers and backpack are ultra-cool and not about to clash. Sloppiness drives her crazy.

Chin: There is a long space from the base of Alexis's chin to the base of her nose. This indicates a very restless nature. If she doesn't exercise on a daily basis, she will become fidgety.

About face-reading: Naomi Tickle is one of the world's most sought-after face-reading experts and author of It's All in the Face: The Key to Finding Your Life Purpose (July 1998). According to Tickle, we can discover a lot about a person's true personality simply by "reading" his or her lips, chin and eyes. "Face reading was first practiced in 1930, and research has shown that 90 percent of the time there is a direct link between the way people think and behave and the structure of their facial features," says Tickle. Well, we don't know about the rest of you, but we just could not resist having Tickle tackle the personalities of The WB. In this exclusive face-reading column, Naomi Tickle gives you the heads-up on what's really going on inside the hearts and minds of your favorite WB faces.

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