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Dear Marilyn Talks Scott Patterson, 04.26.02 ...

Dear Marilyn:

What do you know about Scott Patterson of Gilmore Girls? Has he done any other work?

- Candace, Watertown, New York

Dear Candace:

Outside of a few low-budget films and TV projects like 1994's Little Big League and Alien Nation: Dark Horizon, the 43-year-old New Jersey native hasn't amassed many acting credits because he made the transition to acting later in life.

Patterson spent close to six years trying to make it as a big-league baseball player, playing in the minors and even getting onto the New York Yankees roster--"But they never let me play," he explains, "and finally, I realized I had to make a career adjustment."

He went to a friend's acting class and got hooked.

- Marilyn

Marilyn Beck is the show business reporter who changed entertainment coverage from frothy social notes to wide-ranging news. In her years on the beat, Hollwood's premier syndicated columnist has often moved stories off the entertainment page and onto the front page.

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