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Chad Michael Murray Live Chat Transcript, 04.17.02 ...

The following is a transcript from Chad Michael Murray's chat with AOL Live on Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30 PM ET.

OnlineHost: You are chatting with Chad Michael Murray
OnlineHost: of 'Dawson's Creek.' After the chat, tune in to the
OnlineHost: 100th episode of 'Dawson's Creek' at
OnlineHost: 8PM on The WB.

LIVEJessicaMae: Hey everyone! 'Creek' cutie Chad Michael Murray has arrived!
LIVEJessicaMae: Hey Chad! How are you doing this fine evenin'?

ChadMurrayLive: I'm doing wonderful.

LIVEJessicaMae: Okay, first thing's first. Let's get your vital statistics out of the way.
LIVEJessicaMae: I've gotten a lot of requests for this info...
LIVEJessicaMae: How old are you?

ChadMurrayLive: 20

LIVEJessicaMae: When is your birthday?

ChadMurrayLive: August 24th

LIVEJessicaMae: Where do you live?

ChadMurrayLive: I live in Los Angeles.

LIVEJessicaMae: Boxers, or briefs?

ChadMurrayLive: Boxer/briefs actually.

ChadMurrayLive: Jockey Shorts.

LIVEJessicaMae: fun!

LIVEJessicaMae: I have to ask this for all of my girls in the audience. Are you dating anyone?

ChadMurrayLive: No.

LIVEJessicaMae: Let's jump into the show...
Question: Chad what's it like to work with the Dawson's Creek cast? Did you
Question: ever feel like you were an outsider, is there sort of a clique
Question: feel to them?
LIVEJessicaMae: that one's from QBee27

ChadMurrayLive: Um, you know, when you step into a new show,
ChadMurrayLive: I think it's always going to be hard being the new guy.
ChadMurrayLive: especially when it's being for 4 years
ChadMurrayLive: previous to your entrance.

LIVEJessicaMae: Here's one from Nexiyy:
Question: Chad you did Jen wrong earlier in the season... has you character
Question: learned to behave?

ChadMurrayLive: ha ha ha
ChadMurrayLive: Watch tonight, and find out.

LIVEJessicaMae: Ooo I love that answer!
Question: Who from the 'Dawson's Creek' cast do you hang out with the most
Question: off camera?

ChadMurrayLive: Josh, I would say.
ChadMurrayLive: I always go to the Slice of Life to get pizza and relax
ChadMurrayLive: with Josh.

LIVEJessicaMae: Stacey wonders:
Question: Chad have people started recognizing you yet?

ChadMurrayLive: Yes

LIVEJessicaMae: Do you like that?

ChadMurrayLive: Yes.
ChadMurrayLive: It's a weird experience.
ChadMurrayLive: It's not really something that's always comfortable.
ChadMurrayLive: But I like people,
ChadMurrayLive: so it's not too bad.

LIVEJessicaMae: Here's a fun question from BBQ3345:
Question: Which TV actress would you love to have a kissing scene with?
LIVEJessicaMae: he's stumped lol!

ChadMurrayLive: Let's see. Who haven't I kissed/
ChadMurrayLive: ?

LIVEJessicaMae: hahaha

ChadMurrayLive: I can't think of any TV actress that I would like to make out with.

LIVEJessicaMae: Is there a film one?

ChadMurrayLive: Yes.

LIVEJessicaMae: who?

ChadMurrayLive: I'm not going to disclose that one.

LIVEJessicaMae: aww okay! lol

ChadMurrayLive: It's personal.

Question: Which show do you like working better on? Gilmore Girls or
Question: Dawson's Creek?

ChadMurrayLive: I don't think it's a preference.
ChadMurrayLive: They're just different.
ChadMurrayLive: Two different characters that are both fun.
ChadMurrayLive: But I got to do a little more this year
ChadMurrayLive: on Dawson's Creek.

LIVEJessicaMae: lol, here's another fun question! This one's from xXgreggyXx:
Question: Do you think that the show should still be called 'Dawson's
Question: Creek'? It seems to center around Dawson a lot less and the group
Question: spends very little time around said creek.
LIVEJessicaMae: haha this question makes me laugh

ChadMurrayLive: James works really hard.
ChadMurrayLive: He works very hard.
ChadMurrayLive: So he definitely deserves the show.
ChadMurrayLive: It's a franchise now.
ChadMurrayLive: It's goes syndicated after tonight.
ChadMurrayLive: It should stay Dawson's Creek.

Question: Which character do you identify with more, Tristan or Charlie?

ChadMurrayLive: Probably neither.
ChadMurrayLive: I don't think I identify either more.
ChadMurrayLive: I'm actually a nice guy.

LIVEJessicaMae: he is!
LIVEJessicaMae: Wow, you guys love to talk about kissin'! Here's one from SpazzyGrl:

ChadMurrayLive: lol

Question: Which on camera kiss has been the best or most fun?

ChadMurrayLive: That's a good one.

LIVEJessicaMae: I know!

ChadMurrayLive: Back when I was on Gilmore Girls,
ChadMurrayLive: if you remember the character Summer,
ChadMurrayLive: that would be the one,
ChadMurrayLive: against the locker.

LIVEJessicaMae: wow, lol!

Question: Let's get into the 100th episode. What can we expect to see
Question: tonight?

ChadMurrayLive: Actually, I'm really interested too, personally.
ChadMurrayLive: It's the spring break episode,
ChadMurrayLive: and they go on spring break,
ChadMurrayLive: and Charlie ends up crashing the party.
ChadMurrayLive: But I do want to say one thing.
ChadMurrayLive: The hair is really long
ChadMurrayLive: because I am growing it out for something else,
ChadMurrayLive: so I apologize if it looks like crap.

LIVEJessicaMae: What are you growing it out for? Hee hee!

ChadMurrayLive: I am the New Lone Ranger
ChadMurrayLive: We start shooting in 2 weeks.

LIVEJessicaMae: That's sweet! I can't wait to see that!
LIVEJessicaMae: Speaking of tonight's episode, here's another great question from BahBah99:
Question: Which scene from tonight's episode is your fave? You don't have
Question: to give anything away, just tell us what to look for.

ChadMurrayLive: There's a scene at night in front of a campfire
ChadMurrayLive: that I think there was some nice moments,
ChadMurrayLive: but I haven't seen any of it,
ChadMurrayLive: so I might change my mind later.

LIVEJessicaMae: Here's one from LilGrKDeViL02:

ChadMurrayLive: No, they're all really nice though.

LIVEJessicaMae: CANDYR33 wants to know:
Question: Let me just say that I love you on Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls!
Question: Now, I would like to become an actress and I was wondering if you have
Question: any advice for actors that are starting out and hoping to be in your
Question: postition some day? Thank you!, Candy

ChadMurrayLive: Patience, patience, patience.
ChadMurrayLive: And you have to study a lot.
ChadMurrayLive: It's really not as easy as it looks.
ChadMurrayLive: But good luck!

LIVEJessicaMae: Do you have an acting coach?

ChadMurrayLive: I do.

LIVEJessicaMae: Nebetya wonders:
Question: What did your family say when you went into acting?

ChadMurrayLive: For some reason, they expected it,
ChadMurrayLive: so they said, "Good luck" and kicked me out the door
ChadMurrayLive: in a nice way.

Question: Have you always wanted to be an actor?

ChadMurrayLive: It's kind of just always been a passion inside of me.
ChadMurrayLive: I've always been kind of different.
ChadMurrayLive: I've always like art and films.
ChadMurrayLive: so, yes.

Question: I heard that you used to be a football player. What position did
Question: you play?

ChadMurrayLive: Wide Receiver and Quarter Back.
ChadMurrayLive: I'm not really a big dude, so I wasn't a linebacker.

LIVEJessicaMae: Did you date any cheerleaders?

ChadMurrayLive: Where I come from, for some reason,
ChadMurrayLive: girls don't enjoy cheerleading as much.
ChadMurrayLive: But no, I never dated a cheerleader.

LIVEJessicaMae: OKellogs2 asks:
Question: whats your favorite t.v show?

ChadMurrayLive: Not to depress anyone, but The Simpsons...
ChadMurrayLive: I can't help it.
ChadMurrayLive: I just love the Simpsons..I can't help it.
ChadMurrayLive: If I miss it, i'm upset.
ChadMurrayLive: It really makes my day.
ChadMurrayLive: I've been watching Fear Factor every once in a while.
ChadMurrayLive: And, my God, is that show weird.
ChadMurrayLive: But yet interesting.

LIVEJessicaMae: Would you ever go on celebrity fear factor?

ChadMurrayLive: I don't think so.
ChadMurrayLive: I really have no passion for insects or drowning myself.

LIVEJessicaMae: Sunnieshine15 wants to know:
Question: How is your relationship with your mother?

ChadMurrayLive: next question....
ChadMurrayLive: I really don't want to delve into personal junk.
ChadMurrayLive: Please, I am sorry.

LIVEJessicaMae: Taigal16 is asking:
Question: How long is each day of filming for Dawson's Creek?

ChadMurrayLive: I average about 12 hours a day,
ChadMurrayLive: and that's a really quick day,
ChadMurrayLive: just so people know.

LIVEJessicaMae: Mely024 asks:
Question: do you think its been a good trade tradding your privacy for your fame?

ChadMurrayLive: You know...
ChadMurrayLive: I don't think it's a good trade for fame.
ChadMurrayLive: I think it's a good trade in some aspects
ChadMurrayLive: because I like being an artist.
ChadMurrayLive: I like what I do.
ChadMurrayLive: It's exhilerating.
ChadMurrayLive: But I'm kind of a private person.

LIVEJessicaMae: KeLtAz5335 wants to know:
Question: Do you ever watch your shows on TV? Does it weird you out when you
Question: see yourself on TV?

ChadMurrayLive: Can I tell you.
ChadMurrayLive: I thought that it was going to be the freakiest experience.
ChadMurrayLive: But...
ChadMurrayLive: it's not.
ChadMurrayLive: It will be freaky when I have my own show.
ChadMurrayLive: But now, it's just like, there you go...
ChadMurrayLive: It's not that amazing.

LIVEJessicaMae: So modest! (I love that!)
LIVEJessicaMae: Taigal has a random fun question:
Question: What is your favorite food to eat while taping?

ChadMurrayLive: You know what?
ChadMurrayLive: Katey always used to say, "YOU are going to turn into a chip."
ChadMurrayLive: because I used to eat this mix that was pretzels, Doritos, Cheetos...
ChadMurrayLive: cause I'm not a big Kraft service fan.
ChadMurrayLive: But if I had my choice, it would be a skirt steak.

LIVEJessicaMae: Here's another one about girls:
Question: what is the first thing you notice about a girl? or, are looks not that
Question: important to you?

ChadMurrayLive: Her eyes,
ChadMurrayLive: and then personality.

LIVEJessicaMae: What one thing would you change in your past?
LIVEJessicaMae: Did we stump you again?

ChadMurrayLive: You stumped me...
ChadMurrayLive: You're not supposed to have

LIVEJessicaMae: Great answer!
LIVEJessicaMae: What will you be doing tonight after this chat?

ChadMurrayLive: I'm going back to bed,
ChadMurrayLive: or I might take my dog to the vet.

LIVEJessicaMae: This has been so much fun! I can't believe that we are out of time.
LIVEJessicaMae: Thanks so much for stopping by Chad!

ChadMurrayLive: Thanks everybody for taking the time to listen to me ramble on.
ChadMurrayLive: I hope you enjoy the show.

LIVEJessicaMae: yeah thanx to the audience, you guys rock!
LIVEJessicaMae: Don't forget to tune into Dawson's Creek's 100th episode tonight at 8PM ET.
LIVEJessicaMae: You can learn more about the cast and Michael at Keywords: 'Dawson's Creek' and 'The WB'
LIVEJessicaMae: Night!

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