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Lauren Graham Satisfied with Role on WB Series, 04.16.02 ...

Lauren Graham doesn't deny being fast-talking, sarcastic and funny -- just like her character, Lorelai, on the WB's hit dramedy, "Gilmore Girls." But she doesn't agree that she's as good looking.

"I never consider myself pretty. I always think: I'm funny, and they can do something to make me look OK," says the actress.

Good looks aside, it's talent that's opened doors for Graham, 34 -- and to prove it, she has a 2002 Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a TV drama series, a Viewers for Quality Television Best Actress in a new drama award and a Screen Actors Guild nomination.

In Hollywood only five years, the Easterner stars as a 33-year-old single mom with a child who's 17. As the hip Lorelai, Graham is a real pal to daughter Rory, played by Alexis Bledel. But she has a tense relationship with her own parents (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann), affluent folks who were less than thrilled by their daughter's unwed-motherhood at 16.

The show, a ratings hit in its second season, is set in a small Connecticut town; but Graham's dialogue is more Big Apple smart-and-sassy.

"I'm attracted to stuff that's odd and a little off-kilter. That's why this character is lovely -- she's a leading lady but with an off-sensibility."

Graham, who, from age 4, was raised by her lawyer dad, isn't a mother in real life but feels in touch with kids via three teen step-siblings.

Graham was born in Honolulu and spent her first few years in Japan, where her maternal grandparents were missionaries. After her parents split, she and and her father lived in Virginia's northern suburbs. "I wasn't rebellious like Lorelai, but I made my own rules. It was just me and my father, so any interest I had, I could pursue," she said. "I took a million lessons. I started riding horses when I was 5. My big passion was to be a jockey or a mounted policeman."

She appeared in high school plays, community theater and talent shows. Later, she enrolled in New York University's acting school but switched to Barnard and earned an English degree. Then, picking up a masters in acting from Southern Methodist University, Graham was discovered by an agent while appearing in a year-end showcase.

On March 16, 2000, her 33rd birthday, Graham snagged "Gilmore Girls." Graham had been involved with another show, so "I wasn't really looking. But ["Gilmore"] called and said, 'Come in and meet the network and the studio' -- and I got it that day."

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