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Alexis Bledel Won't Bare All, 04.05.02 ...

A squeaky-clean image is a-OK with "Gilmore Girls" star Alexis Bledel.

Unlike fellow WB gals Jessica Biel and Alyssa Milano, Bledel has no plans to shed her clothing or vamp up her look for a spot as a cover girl.

The actress explained why to Fashion Wire Daily: "It's not that I spent my day worrying about what other people think," she said, "but at public events, then maybe you have a certain responsibility towards your audience, and our audience is young girls."

The starlet , who's also an NYU film student, takes a low-key approach to her regular beauty habits, opting to stick with the basics and skip the expensive stuff.

"Off the set I may wear some mascara, lipstick -- typically it's just Maybelline, stuff from the supermarket," she said.

You can take the girl out of Stars Hollow, but apparently you can't take the Stars Hollow out of the girl.

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