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Films Lauded for U.S. Shoots, 04.09.02 ...

The Film & Television Action Committee has awarded Filmed in America Gold Star awards to producers who turned down financial incentives offered by foreign governments and chose to shoot in the United States.

Feature recipients include "The Fast and the Furious," "O," "The One," "Planet of the Apes," "The Princess Diaries," "Someone Like You," "Slackers" and "Pretty When You Cry."

FTAC, a group seeking to slow runaway production, also announced its first Filmed in America honors for television. In addition to meeting the same criteria as feature films, a TV series may receive a Gold Star if, after shooting the pilot in a foreign country, production of the series returns to the United States.

The awards went to "The District" and "That's Life" (CBS); "The Division" and "Strong Medicine" (Lifetime); "The Gilmore Girls" (WB); "Resurrection Boulevard" (Showtime); and "The Shield," the FX cable network's first drama; the ABC miniseries "Stephen King's Rose Red"; and CBS telefilms "An American Tragedy," "Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man" and "The Rosa Parks Story."

"We believe that filmmakers should have the artistic freedom to make the best show they possibly can, and we want to support those who fight the corporate beancounters in order to do so," said FTAC chief Brent Swift.

"We also applaud all producers, actors, technical personnel and other film workers who have made the effort to keep our economy strong by filming in America."
Credit: Variety

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