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Lauren Graham Transcript From Rosie, 03.01.02 ...

The following transcript came from Lauren Graham's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show from March 1st, 2002. Screencaps and a video of the interview are also available.

[Clip from Road Trip to Harvard]

ROSIE: Please welcome to the show, Lauren Graham.

[Lauren walks out carrying a basket filled with candy]

ROSIE: All right, Lauren Graham, they just told me this at the commercial.


ROSIE: This is unbelievable to me.


ROSIE: This is like a dream from true. Tell everybody what job your father has.

LAUREN: My father is um, , . I always like to say that my father is the president of chocolate. Um, in fact heís the president of the company that represents chocolate manufacturers and candy makers, so heís in candy.

ROSIE: So, heís the President of the Chocolate Makerís Association?

LAUREN: Yes, Rosie, he is!

ROSIE: To me, that is like having Albert Einstein as a father! Thatís like genius!

LAUREN: I know, I know.

ROSIE: Were you totally chocolate your whole life?

LAUREN: No. I mean, uh, you know, my father likes to say stuff like, um, uh, ďThere are no bad foods, only bad diets.Ē

ROSIE: Yeah.

LAUREN: Yeah, itís not funny at first, but if you keep repeating it. . .

ROSIE: Everyday, yeah.

LAUREN: Uh, but he was. . .yes, there was chocolate around our house my whole life but my dadís a very, you know, healthy . . .we all turned out okay.

ROSIE: Yeah, now do you obsess. . . you donít obsess about it because it was always there, right?

LAUREN: Yeah, no, itís okay.

ROSIE: See thatís. . .you see, Jackie, who lived across the street from me?


ROSIE: They had everything at their house.

LAUREN: Uh huh.

ROSIE: We had pretty much nothing.


ROSIE: So whenever we had anything, like a Nestle Crunch bar. .


ROSIE: Five seconds, devoured, you know?

LAUREN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

ROSIE: Where as it could last like a month at Jackieís house.

LAUREN: Yes, right.

ROSIE: Thatís what itís like. . so your dad got together and made, not only for me. . .


ROSIE: For the entire audience? [applause] Lauren, thatís excellent.

LAUREN: He was so excited. Heís a big fan of yours, soÖ

ROSIE: How about that? Now, I understand that we have a lot in common. The chocolate loving.


ROSIE: Musicals?


ROSIE: Youíre a musical lover?

LAUREN: Iím a musical, uh, freak. I feel Iím in this business because of Funny Girl.

ROSIE: Honey, youíre speaking my language!

LAUREN: Yeah, yeah.

ROSIE: Totally.

LAUREN: And my dad would take me to . . .I saw Annie when I was really little. You know, he took . .musicals were completely how I started.

ROSIE: Where did you grow up?

LAUREN: I grew up in Great Falls, Virginia.

ROSIE: In Virginia.


ROSIE: And you came to New York to see shows or you saw them locally when they were on tour?

LAUREN: We went to New York, we saw a lot of stuff at the Kennedy Center, wonderful place in Washington.

ROSIE: Right.

LAUREN: And um, London. You know I traveled a lot as a kid, so I got to see some great things.

ROSIE: And you were raised by your dad.

LAUREN: Mainly, yeah. He got remarried to my wonderful stepmother when I was in high school, but for like ten years it was just me and my dad.

ROSIE: Right.


ROSIE: And you donít have any siblings?

LAUREN: I have a half brother Chris and a half sister Maggie and my half sister Shane.

ROSIE: Right.

LAUREN: But just from, yeah. .

ROSIE: Yeah, you and your dad.

LAUREN: Right.

ROSIE: And um, did he encourage you to become an actress because you would think that he would maybe want something more firm for you?

LAUREN: Yeah, he, um, he really did. He read to me when I was a kid and uh, I think that really kinda got my imagination going, you know? And uh, he really just encouraged me. Like, I rode horses and heís allergic to horses, but that was okay. He would just stand and like sneeze, you know, in the sidelines.

ROSIE: Iím allergic to horses!

LAUREN: Are you really?

ROSIE: Thatís another connection!

LAUREN: Oh my God!

ROSIE: Thatís weird.

LAUREN: You have your birthday in March too.


LAUREN: Me too!

ROSIE: When?

LAUREN: The sixteenth! Oh.

ROSIE: Okay, itís close, but still. Mineís the 21st, but youíre gonna be like 23?

LAUREN: Yeah, uh huh.

ROSIE: You are?


ROSIE: Oh, youíre not. How old are you? Youíre a baby though.

LAUREN: Iím uh, twenty. . .24. I...

ROSIE: Youíre in your twenties.

LAUREN: Yeah, uh huh.

ROSIE: Is it, youíre not supposed to tell?

LAUREN: I donít know, I donít know. I just would like you to think. . I would. . .I agree, I agree.

ROSIE: Youíre 22?

LAUREN: Youíre the host.

ROSIE: All right, just say yes, youíre 22.


ROSIE: Happy Birthday!

LAUREN: Thanks.

ROSIE: Yeah. Iím gonna be . . . 26.


ROSIE: No, 40. Iím gonna be 40.

LAUREN: Thatís exciting. You look wonderful.

ROSIE: Well, thanks.

LAUREN: Itís great.

ROSIE: You know, I feel good, itís good to be here still.

LAUREN: Yeah, and youíre Irish and Iím Irish.

ROSIE: Yeah, and what else? We have the Barbara thing.


ROSIE: Youíre crafty?

LAUREN: Oh, Iím so crafty.

ROSIE: Lauren, this is really too much.

LAUREN: I know, I know.

ROSIE: What kind of crafts do you do?

LAUREN: Well, I like the kind of crafts that you donít finish. You know what I mean? Like. .

ROSIE: This could be a sticking point.

LAUREN: I know, I know.

ROSIE: Okay, go ahead.

LAUREN: I have a problem with the follow through. You know, like I love the Martha magazine. I enjoy your magazine as well. I was in your magazine a little not too long ago.

ROSIE: I know, you were enjoyable in there.

LAUREN: Oh, Thank you. But, um, so I really used to love to cook and now I have this crazy job where I work these insane hours, and now I just read the recipes and think about. . .them.

ROSIE: So youíre actually not really crafty in any capacity?

LAUREN: Itís not true. I started a Martha Stewart wreath, you know, the one where you take the cranberries and you have to stick Ďem in like one at a time in a big foam core.

ROSIE: Oh yeah, thatís a hard one.

LAUREN: And, there youíre . . you know, and about three hours into it, youíre like, next Christmas.

ROSIE: Yeah, I understand.


ROSIE: You know what would be better for you? Some of her ice wreaths, because theyíre easier.

LAUREN: Oh, the ones that you froze . . the freeze. . .the freezer?

ROSIE: You take a bundt cake, put distilled water and twigs and cranberries.


ROSIE: Freeze it, take it out, itís an ice wreath.

LAUREN: And, but then, where do you. . .where do you hang it?

ROSIE: In the outdoor, on a fence post, when itís cold.

LAUREN: Oh. In. . at my house in LA, ohhh.

ROSIE: Oh yeah, not good. Not good, not good.

LAUREN: Right, well.

ROSIE: Well, if you ever come to my house. . .

LAUREN: Okay good.

ROSIE: Weíll make it and put it up at my house.

LAUREN: Okay, fun.

ROSIE: Now what have you been doing before this? Iíve never seen you before.

LAUREN: I did a lot of half-hour shows that just came and went very quickly. My first thing was I was on Caroline in the City, the first season.

ROSIE: Right

LAUREN: When they were on Thursday night and that was quite a big jump for me because you know a lot of people watch the Thursday night NBC.

ROSIE: Must See TV

LAUREN: Thatís what I hear. So um, thatís where I started, and then you know, just a couple other shows. This is really the first one. . . Iíve never had the same job as an actor two years in a row, so this is the first. . .

ROSIE: The first one.

LAUREN: The first time.

ROSIE: Well, youíre doing great. Itís on Tuesdays on the WB. Itís their big huge hit, you must be very happy.

LAUREN: I really am, yeah, Iím proud of it.

ROSIE: You know, youíre very fun.

LAUREN: Thanks.

ROSIE: Itís so sad that you only came to the show in March when we only have two months left. Can you come back before the end of. . .

LAUREN: Sure, absolutely.

ROSIE: Can you come. . .

LAUREN: Iím just so thrilled to see you before you leave Ďcause Iím a huge fan and I. . .

ROSIE: Oh, thatís so nice of you. Weíre gonna have to have her back in May.

LAUREN: Okay, good.

ROSIE: Because youíre enjoyable, Lauren Graham.

LAUREN: Thank you! You too!

ROSIE: Lauren Graham, who knew? On Gilmore Girls!

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