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Gilmore Girls' Jared Padalecki, 01.27.02 ...

Who he plays: Dean, Rory's boyfriend.

Why Dean could teach us all a thing or two: He doesn't try to be something he's not. “We could all learn an important lesson from Dean. He has no self-esteem issues. He's comfortable with himself and he knows what he wants. He knew he liked Rory, and even though she's not a cheerleader or president of the student council, he saw something special in her and just went for it.”

The most frustrating thing about playing Dean: Jess! “Dean needs to stand his ground. He should confront Jess and Rory and ask what's going on. I know it hasn't been written in the script yet, but it's about time they discussed it. Rory and Dean have a great relationship, and Dean doesn't plan on that changing, so he should act fast.”

Jared's fantasy episode of Gilmore Girls: It's more fantasy than usual! “Jess will get hit by a train and no, maybe he'll just get abducted by aliens, and Rory will declare her love for Dean. I'd also write some closure for Luke and Lorelai — they'll figure out where they are with each other. Even if they don't get it on, I'm anxious to see what happens between them. I'm on my seat too, just like the rest of the nation!”

What it's like to hang out at the Golden Globes: Jared didn't make the awards show, but he checked out all the after-show parties. “The Warner Brothers/InStyle party had the best food, the coolest area, a live band. They also had great people there — it was incredible to be hanging out with all these amazing actors. I was so excited, I kept calling my family and saying, 'I saw Harrison Ford! I just met Kevin Spacey!'”

How he spends his down time: “I work out, read, watch movies, hang out with my buddies. I'm from San Antonio, Texas, so I call my family a lot. I just got back from there — I was visiting for the holidays. It's much more laid back in Texas than L.A. — it's a nice change.”

Why being recognized is so cool: “It's really funny — it's only just started happening. At first I think I have food in my teeth, or something on my chin, and then they come over and say they know me from the show. It's always super-flattering. It's so great to know what you're doing makes a difference. It's cool to be able to entertain people and to be in a show that families sit down and watch together.”

Why he'd be the busiest actor in Hollywood — if he could: When we asked Jared which acting job he'd love most, he said all of them! “I'd like every acting job in the world. I'd like to play characters that are totally opposite from each other, people I'd never imagine myself playing. I would have loved the role of Will Hunting — Matt Damon's character in the movie Good Will Hunting. I also auditioned for Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, but I didn't get it. I grew up watching James Bond, so I'd work my butt off for a part in a James Bond movie.”

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