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Alexis Bledel, Tiger Beat Magazine 01.2000 ...

Recently, Tiger Beat chatted with 18-year-old Alexis Bledel. She stars as Rory in the new WB Thursday night drama Gilmore Girls, a series about a unique mother-daughter relationship in a small town. Though this is Alexis' first acting role, she did spend many years modeling all over the world.

Tiger Beat: Is your relationship with your real mom anything like the one your TV character has with her mom?
Alexis: Well, my mom actually used to travel with me for my jobs for the first couple of years that I did it because I was only 14. She would go with me everywhere and we spent entire summers, just the two of us, in foreign countries. We'd look around all of the sights and it was great. We really had a chance to get close and I really am grateful for that time with her.

Tiger Beat: What do you do in your spare time?
Alexis: I listen to music in my trailer, read. Sometimes I watch movies, I love watching Pulp Fiction over and over again.

Tiger Beat: Are you a morning or a night person?
Alexis: Oh, night definitely. I actually have to ask someone to call me in the morning to make sure I'm awake because the alarm clock is just not an efficient system for me.

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