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Gilmore Girls' Keiko Agena, 01.27.02 ...

Who she plays: Lane Kim, Rory's best friend.

Keiko's favorite thing about her character: Lane's loyalty to Rory. “Right from very beginning they were like sisters. Even though they're so different, they depend on each other.”

The hardest thing for her character: Her situation — Lane's parents are very strict and don't let their daughter have much fun. “It's frustrating that she can't escape from her mother. Actually, in an up-coming episode they have a confrontation. It's like Lane can't hold it in anymore. It a great scene, and so is the one that follows where we glimpse another side of Lane's mother. I think Lane is jealous of Lorelai and Rory's relationship. She envies their freedom and closeness.”

What Keiko would do, if she could write the next episode of Gilmore Girls: “Well, for a start, I would finally get Luke and Lorelai to realize they love each other and they're perfect together. Then I'd have some stuff between Jess and Rory — Jess is just like Luke in a smaller form. I'd also like to see Lane in a different environment; maybe she could get a job, or help Sookie out in the kitchen.”

Why a cool cast means cool parties: Keiko doesn't get much time to hang out with the rest of the cast due to busy schedules, but she'd never miss a Gilmore Girls party! “Amy Sherman Palladino [the show's creator] throws incredible parties in her backyard. She does themes like Alice in Wonderland — then she had the perfect crockery and people in top hats, and little sandwiches and great drinks.”

Her dream role: Something like The Royal Tenenbaums. “It was great! The style was so different and everything was well thought-out, from costumes and makeup to every single set. I would love to work in a talented ensemble cast like that. I love black comedies.”

Theories as to why she doesn't get recognized on the street: “It could be that my clothes and hair are different [from] my character's. Or maybe it's because Lane is controlled and timid, and I'm more boisterous. Usually I have to mention I'm on Gilmore Girls before people recognize me.”

If she weren't in Gilmore Girls: Keiko would love to have played Sara Tanaka's role in Rushmore. She also auditioned for Zhang Zi's role in Rush Hour 2. “ I walked in and told them I didn't even know any karate! I figure those people cast a lot of different movies at once, though, so they might have wanted me for something else.”

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