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Gilmore Girls' Milo Ventimiglia, 01.27.02 ...

Who he plays: Jess, Luke's nephew and Rory's potential love interest.

Why mom knows best: She was the one who was hooked on the show. “I didn't even watch Gilmore Girls until I got the part of Jess — but my mom did and really liked it. She was as pleased as I was that I got the part!”

Milo's favorite thing about his character: That he's a bookworm. “It's a nice aspect of his character. He's this wild kid, but he's also very literary and well read — he always has a book in his back pocket. I like that he quotes to Rory from books.”

Where Milo gets his inspiration: “My best friend growing up was a lot like Jess. They are both really smart guys, but they can be a little rude and full of themselves. It's like they know too much. I think Jess is part me and part my friend.”

His fantasy Gilmore Girls episode: “Jess would meet Rory's grandparents. He hasn't met them before, and I don't think it's happening for a while. They were all at the Bracebridge dinner, but they didn't get introduced. I'm good at coming up with story ideas, but not at writing dialogue. I think I'll leave that to the show's writers; they're awesome.”

What happens when he hangs out with Alexis (who plays Rory) off set: The pair gets recognized. “Once we got stopped by this big guy in his late 20s. He was saying how much he loved the show and how great we were. It's cool when that happens. You really appreciate what you're doing when it touches other people like that. I mainly have good fan experiences — although one girl did come up and tell me that she hated me. I think she meant my character, though!”

Why he's like Jess: “I like to read, too. It's good because Jess carries a book all the time. If it's one I haven't read, I'll sit down and read between takes. If I read it in my honors English class, I'll skim through it again — it doesn't take me long.”

Why you'll never watch the Milo Ventimiglia Show: “When your name is attached to a show like that, it gets too involved in your own personal life — even if you're not playing yourself. I'd rather be in a movie. I always have ideas of stuff I'd like to develop. It would be awesome to be in a Star Wars movie, too.”

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