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Who's That Babe: Eddie Shin, 01.21.02 ...

Full Name: Edward Andrew Yoon Beom Shin. (Yoon Beom is Eddie's Korean name.)

D.O.B.: July, 17, 1976

Hometown: Chicago, IL

How You Know Him: Eddie appeared this year on ER as a first-year intern and on Gilmore Girls as Lane's Mr. Perfect secret boyfriend, Henry and on January 28, he'll debut as one of the stars of Fox's new comedy That 80s Show.

Family: Eddie has one older brother, who's a doctor. His father is a businessman and his mother is a nurse.

High School: Eddie went to Loyola Academy in Illinois and he really loved it. "In high school I was really involved in everything" says Eddie. Early on Eddie played tennis and ran track, but by his senior year he was focused on student government and was event student body president.

College: It seems like Eddie is one smart cookie. He spent one year at Williams college and then transferred to University of Chicago for his three remaining years. He left Williams after he decided to take his acting career more seriously. "I'd heard so much about Chicago theater, and I wanted to be a part of that," says Eddie. When I finished graduating, I wanted to at least have some kind of professional network and a personal support system, and I knew that would be a lot easier to accomplish where I already had friends and family." How wise of him.

Decisions, decisions: Guess what else Eddie was studying in college: pre-med. Yes, it seems he couldn't decide between being an actor and being a doctor. "I was constantly stuck between pre-med and acting," he explains. "It was ridiculous. I was always in the lab or on stage, so I just decided to create my own major where I was doing half sciences and half theater arts and stuff." Whew, that sounds like a tough schedule.

Dr. Eddie Shin: So how did Eddie decide between a life in medicine and a life on screen? "The tricky part was that, obviously, my parents were like--well maybe not obviously--but they were really into me being a doctor. I was too, but it was confusing because I didn't know if it was for me or for them." Luckily, Eddie is really making it as an actor, so perhaps his parents aren't too disappointed. Although, he did play a doctor on TV. "It's really funny because I have an older brother who had just finished his ER internship at County General [when I was playing an intern on ER]," says Eddie. "So he was totally doing in real life what I was doing on the show."

What About Henry?: Although we're happy that Eddie landed a starring role, there is a downside: the disappearance of his characters on both ER and Gilmore Girls. "For ER, I guess the storyline ended for that character, and for Gilmore Girls my relationship with Lane ended," says Henry. What?! No more Henry and Lane! "I filmed [my last] episode right before the holidays," reveals Eddie. "I totally broke up with her. My character becomes this ass." Well, at least he feels bad about it.

Ragin' Rodger: Let's move on to happier things, like Eddie's hilarious character on That 80s Show, Rodger. "He's all about the 80s," says Eddie. "You know, he worships Reagan and everything. His whole thing is like the quest for money, sex and power, and the laughable part is that he is not really good at getting any of that stuff."

Fuzzy Memories: Of course, Eddie's only 25, so he doesn't remember much of the 80s. "Yeah, I was a little guy coming up," he admits. "I don't remember much. I'm more like the late 80s, but I think the actual show is starting in 84, 85, so it's like, eh, not too much. I actually remember my older cousins jamming to some songs, but nothing too much." Oh well, luckily there are tons of cheesy movies for Eddie to rent to get that true 80s flavor.

Fave 80s Song: Like most people, Eddie does have a little soft spot for cheesy 80s pop music. "The song that I have a lot of memories from is, this is a really vague song, but it's called 'Living in Oblivion' by a group called Anything Box. A lot of things happened to that song. So that song brings back a lot of stuff."

Fast Track: It didn't take Eddie long to hit it big once he finally made the career move to Los Angeles. "I took a long road trip with one of my buddies to come out to LA the first time I came out here," says Eddie. "The first day in LA, my agent was calling me saying 'The WB wants to meet you for like a casting thing.' And my first day here I got Gilmore Girls." Wow, that was quick. And now Eddie's starring in a sitcom. If only it was always that easy.

Embarrassing Past: Back before he made it, Eddie did some commercials to gain experience and make some cash. He wishes some of them never made it on the air. His most embarrassing? "It wasn't my first, but it's the one that I got ripped on for the most. It was this Walgreen's commercial where I was playing one of the Ten Lords a Leaping [from the 'Twelve Days of Christmas']," says Eddie, laughing. "It was sad. It was bad news. I was jumping out from behind a couch doing this little elf dance." Yikes. Let's hope that clip never turns up.

Favorite Music: These days, Eddie is pretty into hip-hop, and likes artists like Jay-Z.

Favorite Movies: When Eddie and his buddies are just hanging out at home, they love to rent movies they know all the lines to, like Coming to America, Boys in the Hood and Predator.

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