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It's a Girl Thing, 01.17.02 ...

Even though she's the driving force behind The Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino is probably too out there to appear on her own show.

The executive producer was wearing one of her kooky hats as she sat next to her glamorous star, Lauren Graham, on The WB's portion of the network press tour on Tuesday.

"I just love hats. What can I say?" said Sherman-Palladino, who was once a writer/producer on Roseanne. That's where her wardrobe really went wacky. "I think Thursdays were lingerie day, which is crazy," she said. "Way to get the respect that the women need."

Maybe that's why she lets Graham wear relatively normal clothes as single mom and inn-keeper Lorelai Gilmore on the series. But while Lorelai doesn't wear Sherman-Palladino's clothes, she certainly uses her voice.

Just listening to Sherman-Palladino prattle on in all directions at the press conference is like watching Lorelai's words come out of someone else's mouth. Graham talked about the dense, chatty scripts she has to memorize each week. And she's under strict orders -- as is the rest of the cast -- to stick to the page. "It's very, very specific to how it's written," she said.

So how does Graham memorize all of that rat-tat-tat dialogue? "This is going to get into a weird De Niro area," she said, "but I have begun to really know what comes next." How, exactly?

"I try to channel Amy," she said. "If I had a tougher time memorizing, we would be in serious trouble, because we shoot 15, 20 pages more than the average hour show."

For the record, most TV drama scripts run about 55 pages. Sherman-Palladino says she now regularly delivers scripts in the 75-78 page range.

"I had Lauren built to certain specifications," joked the producer.

Ironically, Graham says she loves the quieter scenes best, especially those tense Friday night family dinners with her mom and dad (played by Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann). "I love the scenes with Alexis (Bledel, who plays daughter Rorie), too, but, for an actor, really it's the conflict that is the most interesting."

There certainly is plenty of conflict in those stormy mother-daughter scenes at the mansion. Graham gives full credit to Bishop for bringing what could easily be a one-note character to life. "That could have been somebody you did not want to see, because the conflict is too obvious," said Graham. "But she really brings something to it that is her true nature, which is very warm and dishy."

Graham says she's proud of the fact that this is a family-friendly show. She's cheered to hear that mothers and daughters and just families in general watch it together. And she isn't surprised that so many people identify with many of these characters. "I think people relate to both the light and the dark of what these relationships are, because frankly," she said, "that's probably what most people have, a little of both."
Credit: Toronto Sun

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