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Lauren Graham on Letterman Transcript, 12.28.01 ...

The following is a transcript from Lauren Graham's December 28, 2001 appearance on the David Letterman Show. Screencaps from the show are also availabe in the Images & Photos section of

DL: My first guest stars in the critically acclaimed Gilmore Girls, ladies and gentlemen; here is the lovely Lauren Graham.

DL: How you doing?

Lauren: Fine, thank you, how are you?

DL: I'm good; tell me about the Gilmore Girls, and the WB and that kind of stuff. What is the show, how long has it been on, what do you do?

Lauren: Well, umm, what I do, Dave, is I'm and actor on a program, and it's about a single mom, raising a kid.

DL: Is that you? Are you the mom?

Lauren: That's me, I had her when I was 16, is the story.

DL: A little young to start a family, isn't it?

Lauren: It's a little young, that's the whole thing. That's the point. I left home and raised a kid on my own, and I'm so great because of that.

DL: Now, it's your daughter, right, so you and your daughter are the Gilmore Girls?

Lauren: We are the Gilmore Girls.

DL: It's just the two of you.

Lauren: Well, I guess you can consider the woman who plays my mother another Gilmore Girl. Well, those are pretty much the girls.

DL: Well that's good.

Lauren: It is good.

DL: And people enjoy the show.

Lauren: People enjoy the show and we are doing well.

DL: How long has it been on?

Lauren: This is our second season.

(applause from audience)

Lauren: Thanks.

DL: How are you, are you comfortable being here and you're happy, you're not nervous are you?

Lauren: I'm so, umm, thrilled to meet you.

DL: Well that's very nice.

Lauren: No it's true, I watched you when you were a daytime show.

DL: That was a long time ago. You weren't even alive then!

Lauren: Yeah I was. It was the summer I couldn't get a job, 'cause I couldn't drive, but, umm, 'cause I wasn't old enough, but I was too old to go to camp. So I sat home and watched your show, and then...

(Laughter from audience and Dave)

DL: Good for you.

Lauren: Thanks. I loved it sooo much. This story is only unflattering to me, but umm, it carried through to college, and I had a little bit, like I never came to you house or anything, but I did have like a problem, like an obsessional kind of a thing for you.

DL: Wow.

Lauren: And umm, I'm just saying the truth, and if I don't say it now, like when else and am I going to say it. You know what I mean.

DL: You know if you come on Oprah with me you can say it.

Lauren: Okay.

DL: That's very sweet, I'm very flattered.

Lauren: Yeah, but, it sort of culminated when I was in college and you had a cold, you had a terrible cold, you remember the time. You really had a bad cold, and I was writing my thesis, and I was taking my break every night at the monologue, just to check in on you, to make sure you were okay. And then I had to move on, Dave, I just had to.

DL: That's very nice, cause I'll tell you, maybe you have a sense of this with your own show, when you are doing it, you sometimes forget that it even goes anywhere.

Lauren: Oh, absolutely.

DL: And the when you here things back like this, its amazing. Honestly.

Lauren: Well that's, I felt that way too. I have someone who tells everyone, just don't tell me anything. I don't watch it, I don't see any of the press, I don't know the numbers, I just try to enjoy the experience.

DL: I understand you have family with you here tonight.

Lauren: Well yes, I have family in the audience. Hmm, I'm not even looking this way.

DL: Are they like, mom, dad...

Lauren: It's my dad, my step-mother, my brother Chris, my sister Maggie, and I believe this is the first live thing they have seen do, since my high school production of Hello Dolly.

DL: Wow that's pretty good. Well that makes you a little extra nervous I guess.

Lauren: Yeah, its does. Thanks for bring it up.

DL: Well, I'm sorry.

Lauren: But I'm also just not looking that way. So I'll just stay here with you.

DL: So did you have a nice Christmas?

Lauren: I did. I don't get to see them enough because of this job, so I got to come home and it's my brother's first semester back from college, and I don't want to say he was like a trouble making kid, but we're just glad he's back from college and not from juvie, you know. So umm, he's really matured, he's doing so well, and he brought the family a present the year, which was one of those light up deer. The suburbs are just nutty for them.

DL: Yeah the beautiful white outline of a deer.

Lauren: So in the darkness it looks like a deer nibbling on my lawn, you know. We didn't have one, and my brother brought it to us at 11 o'clock at night, with a couple of buddies, giggling, and you know you can get the deer at the store or from your neighbor's yard. So we're pretty sure he got it at the 24-hour lit-up deer store.

DL: That's a lovely holiday though either way. You like when you do the show in California.

Lauren: Yeah.

DL: Los Angeles, Hollywood, you meet a lot of big stars and stuff?

Lauren: Umm, no.

DL: Really. I would think they would all be coming over to see what you are doing.

Lauren: I don't know, I don't get out much I guess. There was one day, we film at Warner Brothers, the studio, and you know, ER used to be there, and George Clooney still has an office there. And once and awhile there is "Clooney watch", they're like " Clooney's on the lot, Clooney's on the lot." He actually stopped somebody one day, and said something nice about the show. And that afternoon I got a couple of calls from bigwigs, who are like the big people, saying they had something to ask me regarding George Clooney. Now, I really didn't think it could be anything, but...there was a teeny tiny little part of me that thought "Clooney wants me" You know.

DL: Well I guess it could be that.

Lauren: But I just thought that's how Clooney would do it, Clooney doesn't do his own dirty work....he has someone call.

DL: I wouldn't call it dirty work.

Lauren: I don't mean it like that. My dad is in the audience!

DL: Maybe he wanted you to help get his hands on one of those light up deer.

Lauren: Well what he wanted was a poster, like a signed poster.

DL: That's sweet.

Lauren: Its really nice, cause he had a friend who was a fan of the show, but I would have done that if like, whoever called. Anyways. The point is that Clooney doesn't want me.

DL: You don't know that. There could be a million other factors at work here. I wouldn't be surprised if one day in the not too distant future, some other piece of this puzzle falls into place.

Lauren: Well I don't even know...... I'm mean, I guess who doesn't want Clooney? Right?

DL: Well, me. I'm not that interested.

Lauren: OK. Right.

DL: The band, the horn section, some members of the band.

Lauren: Well, so I don't know, I don't know, it just would have been, it would have been a cool... it would have been a good story to tell here

DL: It's still a great story.

Lauren: Well. DL: You recently received a nomination, Golden Globe nomination.

Lauren: That's true.

DL: That's nice.

Lauren: It is nice.

DL: When do they pass those out?

Lauren: I guess in January, pretty soon. January 20th.

DL: Are you excited?

Lauren: Umm, I am. I am excited. But that's how I get excited. And I go "I am, I am excited" And when people call you with these kinds of things they want some reaction. First of all the phone rings at five thirty in the morning. So immediately I think "I'm in trouble." Like I immediately thought I did something wrong, late to work or you know. So I ignored the phone, which is what I do in those situations. And then it kept ringing and ringing, and I was like, "wow, huh, wow," and people get like so mad. They're like "Aren't you so excited?" Like the people on the radio, they want you to be like that. Like when they win stuff. And I'm not like that. I get like, numb, like I've been in an accident, or something. And then you have to call other people with your reaction and so...and then... they ask you ... all the people ask you questions you haven't thought of like "What are you going to wear?" and "What are you going to say?"... "Who do you call?"

DL: It's all overwhelming.

Lauren: It is overwhelming.

DL: Well I hope you win. That would be very nice.

Lauren: Oh well that's funny.

DL: Well its nice to meet you.

Lauren: It's very nice to meet you too.

DL: And good luck with the show. Thanks very much, and I hope you come back.

Lauren: Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

DL: Thank you. Lauren Graham, everybody we'll be right back with Eddy Brill.

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