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YM Stars Magazine, Feature Presentation, 12.01.01 ...

"We wanted to see what Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel would look like if we emphasized one feature at a time"

With her super-light skin, coffee brown hair, and bright blue eyes, we just had to go fairy tale on 19-year-old Alexis. Since this shot is all about her Snow White-esque ruby lips, we kept the rest of her makeup pretty subtle: a light veil of pink blush and a single coat of mascara. Pale lids show off her long lashes. "This is very feminine and glamourous- I like it," says Alexis.

Romeo, Romeo, will you pick me up after the shoot? Rosy cheeks are pretty enough to be the main focus of your face. Better yet, this romantic look is so easy (and therefore perfect when you've overslept) - no dark lipstick of fancy eyemakeup is required. "I usually straighten my hair and where something black, but I love the flowy, free style. It makes me feel like a gypsy," Alexis says.

Behold the power of a strong brow (Go on, flip back and see the difference). You don't need thick arches to get a Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe, just a precise brush and a steady hand. Mod, winged brown eyeliner, razor-sharp bangs, and dewy skin keep it fresh. Alexis verdict : "No one can look like Audrey Hepburn" (Well she certainly fools us) "She's in a category all by herself. But I like that this is clean and simple and fun." would like to thank Visions of Alexis Bledel for allowing the use of the transcribed article and scanned photos.

Credit: YM Magazine, Visions of Alexis Bledel

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