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Scott Patterson Phone Interview, 11.13.01 ...

Scott Patterson, who plays Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, recently did a phone interview with KISS 106.1 in Seattle, WA. The show's hosts, Jackie and Bender, had Scott talking about everything from Lauren Graham, to baseball, to the September 11th tragedies.

Listen to: Scott Patterson's November 13th, 2001 interview with KISS 106.1. (In order to listen to the interview, you will need to have Real Player installed.)

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Bender: On the phone is Scott Patterson, plays Luke on the Gilmore Girls tonight at 8pm on the WB.

Jackie: Now Scott can I just start off by saying that I’m a new fan to Gilmore Girls because since Sept 11th I think it’s nice to have such a good family show to watch.

Scott: Yeah it’s a nice little escape isn’t it?

Jackie: Yeah.

Scott: Um, with all that’s going on especially, let’s not forget that. But it’s a nice escape for an hour to come into out little sort of magical town of Stars Hollow and let these characters get under your skin a little bit. Yeah, it’s really a pleasure to be working on it. We’re all very lucky. We feel very grateful, every day we come to work and we have this job, you know. It doesn’t really seem like a job, you know, but they pay us for it so….

Bender: We’re talking to Scott Patterson. He plays Luke on the Gilmore Girls. Tonight 8 o’clock on the WB. So, how many takes does it take because the dialogue is so quick and you guys don’t even pause or hesitate during lines.

Scott: Right. It’s… it’s daunting yeah, but you know, we are pretty much lead by Lauren Graham. You know, she is remarkable because we…. We don’t really get much rehearsal at all.

Jackie: Mmmm hmmm.

Scott: Uh, so…. I remember last season we did a ten page scene that they handed us in the make-up trailer. And we had no chance to rehearse it or even look at it. We just has to go in and shoot it because it was a scene that was uh, rewritten.

Jackie: OK

Scott: Uh, and ya just kind of learn to do it. And they don’t give you all the time in the world and you pretty much better get it, so we’re getting better all the time at working under the gun.

Jackie: And well, she’s great in general. We talked to her, gosh, it’s been a little while now….. but she’s so funny. But she’s so much like the character of Lorelai that I guarantee that’s what makes it so good on the set.

Scott: Yeah, you don’t know where uh, Lorelai ends and Lauren begins.

Jackie: Yeah Scott: Uh, It’s really true. She’s the perfect actress for that role cause she is like that. I mean she does have that…that manic energy and that super sharp intelligence and that wit. You know, she really is like that. Uh, but anyway, they give us as many takes as we need to get it perfect. Uh, last night we did it in two takes, um, some nights we do it in twenty. It just really depends on……..on…... You know sometimes the dialogue can get really tricky.

Jackie: Yeah.

Scott: There are some real tongue twisters in there. And, you know, they’re giving her reams of dialogue to do so it’s amazing that she can even get through it and she does it so well. I think she has every…..every award she has coming to her she deserves cause she’s gonna get a lot of ‘em.

Bender: We have Scott Patterson on the phone, plays Luke on Gilmore Girls. So, you said you taped last night. So how many episodes ahead are you?

Scott: We’re on …… we’re finishing up #10. We’re dong the Christmas episode now……and they had, incidentally, the entire back lot at Warner Brothers, where they have our fictional little town of stars Hollow set up, all covered in fake snow, and it rained last night and washed it all away.

Jackie: Awww! Ooooh……….

Scott: They have to redo the entire thing. And you know what, by the time I get over there today, it’ll all be redone. Like you’ll never even notice it was washed off.

Jackie: Isn’t that amazing?!

Scott: This huge that they have to undertake to redo it. Oh yeah.

Jackie: How weird to go to work and be in fake snow all day. It’s got to mess with your mind a little.

Scott: We’re in Burbank CA, OK? 85 degrees here every day, 75, what ever it is, sunny everyday …… and here we are walking into the jungle of the back lot where they have a lot of trees and things and we’re gonna shoot the sleighriding scene and it’s snow! There’s snow on the trees, there’s snow on the leaves, there’s horses and horse drawn carriages and we get in these things and we’re shooting the scene (chuckles) and it feels like the real deal .

Jackie: That’s kind of nice though.

Scott: So they do a fantastic job over here.

Jackie: When are Luke and Lorelai finally gonna get it on?

Scott: Hey man, you know, whenever the Gods want us to. I have no idea.


Scott: (Laughing) Whenever the time is right man. (Laughing).

Bender: You I’d love to be at Scott’s house when he gets that script. YES!

Jackie: Woohoo!

Everybody laughing.

Jackie: He has not done bad with female costars. Have you seen some of the people that he got to play love interest to Bender?

Scott: I’m pretty lucky.

Jackie: He was the sponge-worthy one on Seinfeld with Julia Louise Dreyfuss.

Scott: Yeah

Bender: Oh Yeah.

Jackie: He was on uh, with Debra Messing on Will and Grace.

Scott: Yes, Sharon Lawrence…..

Jackie: Jennifer Grey, Sharon Lawrence, yeah.

Scott: Yes, I was with Jennifer Grey, and Sharon Lawrence ­ had a recurring role on that. I’ve been pretty lucky. I did a film with Penelope Ann Miller. I’ve worked with …

Jackie: You’ve had a rough life Buddy,

Scott: I’ve worked with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. I mean, all these great actresses, you know. And it prepared me to, you know, go toe-to-toe with Lauren Graham cause she’s a good as all… any of them, you know. She’s really really good.

Jackie: I guess.

Bender: We have Scott Patterson on the phone plays Luke on Gilmore Girls but prior to your acting career you bounced around the major leagues for a little while.

Scott: Well, mainly the minor leagues. I was mainly in triple A, I was on a couple of big league rosters. They, they brought me up a few times but I never uh, …..they never handed me the ball and said go, go ……..go help us. So, I didn’t really have much of an opportunity there. I actually wasn’t very good. It was probably a good thing they didn’t let me up.

Jackie: Ah!

Bender chuckles.

Scott: I really wasn’t that good.

Jackie: Which teams called you up even though you didn’t get to play in those games.

Scott: Uh, Yankees…. I was with the Braves for a couple of years in the minor leagues. They traded me to the Yankees and the Yankees uh, they didn’t…..they really didn’t have any room for me. They didn’t know what do to with me. I just……. They used to hand out clothespins at the stadium when I pitched cause I stunk up the yard so badly. Bender and Jackie: Ah! No!

Scott: It was really bad. I got to tell ya…… I threw hard but I had no idea where it was going. I once delivered a pitch to the third base coach. So….. you can tell I have a bad sense of direction.

Jackie and Bender laughter.

Scott: It just wasn’t a good situation.

Again, we have Scott Patterson on the phone, he plays Luke on Gilmore Girls. So, obviously…… and we just found this out this morning, looking over your bio ­ your birthday is September 11th

Scott: Mmmm hmmm.

Jackie: What a depressing day…..

Scott: Well, I mean the least of anybody’s worries is my birthday happening to be on that day but uh…. I woke up early in the morning as I always do to come to work and I always flip on CNN and I just flipped it on and didn’t even notice anything and when I got out of the shower, I came back into the uh, into the den and I was looking at the TV and was just like…’ve go…..What is going on here? Um, so obviously uh, one of the first things I did was call back to New York to all my friends and some family there to see if they were OK.

Jackie: Mmmm hmmm.

Scott: But, you couldn’t get through!

Jackie: Yeah

Scott: The lines were tied up and you just couldn’t get through. So I started calling cell phones and that was a little more successful but still, you couldn’t get through. Uh, um and then I started calling…… we had planned a party for a bunch of people and we had to cancel that real fast.

Jackie: Well, yeah that’s the thing.

Scott: I didn’t think anybody was gonna want to come bearing gifts um, on that night. So…. cause, you know, most of the friends are New Yorkers and they had family back there so we just ……

Jackie: Yeah,

Scott: So, yeah it’s…. you know……..It’s, it’s…… Well, what really is a good situation though is, we’re doing a show that allows people for an hour a week, if they so choose, to get away from everything and just be taken up in this show. Which is what we’re providing. We hope we can provide a little respite for, you know, what’s going on in the country today, you know, so….

Bender: Very cool. It’s Scott Patterson who, again, plays Luke in Gilmore Girls, tonight at 8 o’clock on the WB. Dude! Thanks for being on the show we appreciate it.

Scott: Thanks.

Bender: Ya did a nice job.

Scott: Hey thanks, I love your city. I was up there playing a softball game before the All Star game and what a great town you’ve got there.

Jackie: Well, thank you.

Scott: Yeah.

Jackie: And obviously knowng how well… good of a player you are, I’m sure it was a great game!


Scott: (chuckles) Well, the Lattes beat the Cappuccinos, I think.

Jackie: All right!

Scott: So you know, we had a great time in Seattle and uh, it’s a great city so, uh, I’m looking forward to coming up there soon.

Jackie: Well, definitely when you do you have to come in studio and visit us.

Scott: Absolutely.

Jackie: Cool! Thanks Scott!

Scott: All right Jackie, Bender, I’ll see ya!

Jackie: Bye.

Scott: All right bye.

Bender: There ya go, Scott Patterson, plays Luke on Gilmore Girls tonight on the WB at 8 o’clock.

Jackie: You know, I like the show even more now because he’s very very nice.

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