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Watching Gilmore Girls Grow, 12.10.00 ...

Lauren Graham, the beautiful 33-year-old actress who plays the mother of a 16-year-old on WB's acclaimed "Gilmore Girls," has a half brother and a half sister via her father, and a half sister via her mother, and reports, "They're all teens - which is great, because it helps me relate to my daughter [Alexis Bledel] on the show."

The series has been singled out by Views for Quality Television, and Graham is thrilled about that, but admits she had reservations about taking it on. "It's a show for a broad audience. The WB usually goes for a certain - young - age group, and I wondered how it would go over with Warner Bros. viewers. But I wanted to do an hour drama. I wanted to play a character who was funny and sexy and bright - and simply couldn't turn "Gilmore Girls" down. I know we'll have to build an audience a little more slowly than, say, Thursday night on NBC - but the WB does nurture its shows."
Credit: The New York Vue

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