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Chad Murray Fills in the Blanks, 11.13.01 ...

Chad Michael Murray (formerly known as Tristan on Gilmore Girls) is not a cocky jerk and wants you to know it. He's a fun-loving, nice guy who cares about kids and coffee. He's also ambitious, considering he's already nabbed yet another WB gig as Charlie, the new guy on the creek on Dawson's.

The trait I admire most in a friend is:

My friends can count on me to:
Get coffee, and to be there for them emotionally when they need caffeine.

People would be really amazed to discover that I am:
A nice guy. Everyone thinks I am a cocky jerk but I'm not.

The line that best describes my life so far is:
There's no such thing as competition.

If I could be the President for one day, the first thing I would do is:
Have more programs and charities for disadvantaged children. I think we should do everything we possibly can to give kids a chance in life.

Out of all the characters on the WB, I most identify with:
Pacey. He's fun, free-loving and doesn't give a crap.

Growing up I swore I would never:

When I'm on the dance floor I look like a cross between:
That's a horrible question!

If you peeked in my fridge, you'd find:
Old food, IBC rootbeers and bags of frozen French Fries.

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