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The Hair's the Thing, 11.08.01 ...

The '50s gave us that slicked back Elvis look...
The '60s was ALL Jackie Kennedy and the flip...
The '70s was the feather with Farrah Fawcett
The '80s was BIG HAIR giving us "Dallas" and "Dynasty"
The '90s was more 'friendly' with the Jennifer Aniston 'do'
The '00's are giving us that messed up, fluffy, shaggy 'do' of ...


Everyone is talking about this guys hair...since his debut on "Dawsons Creek" 4 weeks ago, the buzz (no pun intended!) has been about "the guy with the hair!" Not since Jennifer Aniston started the craze in 1995, has there been so much hooplah about someone's hair!!

***NEWSFLASH: The week of October 30 there were numerous celebrity sightings sporting the CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY hair...Mario Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Douglas, Dennis Frantz, Burt Reynolds, Barbara Walters, Stephen Dorff, Ethan Hawke, Brad Pitt and even Jennifer Aniston!!

The guy, CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, was seen last season on The WB's new hit series, "Gilmore Girls" as Tristan DuGrey. Seems like they can't get enough of him there...because he's doing another guest stint.

MUST SEE "THE WB TV": Wednesdays at 8pm

CHARACTER: Charlie, you can see him all season long!!

NEXT WEEK: November 14th episode...all about him!!

SHOW: "Dawson's Creek"

Credit: Chad Murray's Management Team

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