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Romeo Returns to Gilmore Girls, 10.31.01 ...

"Gilmore Girls" fans should get their VCRs ready. Tristan is returning to Stars Hollow, and the episode called "Run Away Little Boy," is going to be a doozy, including star-crossed lovers, angry parents and a fist fight.

Chad Michael Murray, who plays screwed up rich boy Tristan on the WB drama, left the series at the end of last season to switch over to fellow WB drama "Dawson's Creek," where he will play a recurring character for the rest of this season. Tristan is a Chilton Academy student who immediately developed an interest in lead character Rory (Alexis Bledel) when she enrolled in the costly private school. While Rory didn't return his feelings, he still pursued her, ultimately straining her shaky-at-best relationship with academic rival Paris, who does harbor feelings for him.

At the end of last year, Tristan asked newly single Rory to a P.J. Harvey concert, but she refused him, getting back together with her estranged boyfriend Dean (Jared Padalecki) instead.

This year, the show hasn't yet dealt with Murray's absence, focusing instead on other storylines and merely mentioning Tristan in passing.

Murray will return to the show when Chilton puts on "Romeo and Juliet," with Tristan landing the role of Romeo to Rory's Juliet. The casting move predictably causes Dean to become jealous, which leads to a fistfight between the two boys who are both vying for Rory's affection.

This will be the second altercation between the two, since they also came to blows at Chilton's winter dance last season.

The Gilmore girls are proving quite romantically popular. Earlier this season, Lorelai called off her engagement to Rory's teacher Max Medina, clearing the way for romance with diner owner Luke. However, things will get complicated when Rory's father Christopher reappears on the scene.

Meanwhile, as Rory runs interference between Dean and Tristan, Luke's delinquent nephew Jess has recently arrived and is catching her eye.

"Run Away Little Boy" is tentatively scheduled to air on Nov. 27.

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