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Buffy vs. Gilmore Girls, 10.19.01 ...

Who's Winning: It's a tight race, but Buffy's got the edge, at least when it comes to viewers who don't need fake IDs. As expected, the Gilmore chiquitas are doing far better than they did in last year's nightmare slot (Thursdays at 8), and the WB dramedy does have a stronghold on females and teens--but it's the older peeps who mean big bucks to the nets.

WB execs, still fuming over Buffy's unprecedented net-jumping move last year, are absolutely livid about the new season numbers--7.7 million tuned into the season premiere, the second best turnout ever for the show. All this despite the WB's best efforts to convince viewers Buffy wasn't coming back from the grave.

(Note to WB honchos: Why not move Gilmore Girls where it shoulda been all along--Monday nights after 7th Heaven--and put Angel out of its mismatch misery?)

Meanwhile, in yet another unprecedented kick in the pants, the Frog decided this week to yank all orders for pilots from 20th Century Fox, which produces the vamp-slaying show.

Bitter, lily-pad party of one?

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