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Sitcom Curse Broken, 12.05.00 ...

Being 30-something in Hollywood (let alone TV) ain't easy. Just ask Gilmore Girls actress, Lauren Graham, who heard her Gen X clock ticking while bouncing from one bad sitcom to another looking for the secret of eternal youth. (Which is at least 100 episodes to land in rerun syndication where you never age...except in the harsh transition from B & W to color.)

Forget M.Y.O.B, Caroline in the City, Townies or Conrad Bloom. This 5'9" brunette bomb has finally found her small screen ticket. But playing a mom of teenage kids? Watch as thousands of actresses who fudged years off their bios swallow their own erasers. Still, Gilmore Girls makes being a single parent look damn attractive.

Meanwhile offscreen, Graham is prepping for bigger & better things. Like her opening scene in the romantic comedy/drama, Sweet November, starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, concerning a woman hungry for as many sweaty trists as possible. On the first day of shooting, she got up close and naked with Mr. Reeves himself, proving a late bloomer has the best smelling petals.
Credit: Showbiz Scoop

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