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TV Gal Gets Giddy for Gilmore Girls, 10.08.01 ...

It looks like this will be a year without the Emmys, so thank goodness that my favorite females are back on the WB.

The two-hour season premiere of "Gilmore Girls" (Tuesday, 8 p.m.) finds everyone in Stars Hollow ecstatic about Lorelai's possible engagement and very concerned with how Luke will take the news. What makes this show work is that there's so much more going on than the Max/Lorelai/Luke love triangle.

"Gilmore Girls" continues to cleverly balance humor with the angst of growing up and the difficulty of being a daughter no matter what your age. Watching the premiere, I was concerned about Lorelai's relationship with Luke and was equally worried about her relationship with her mother (the fabulous Kelly Bishop). Lorelai and Emily have a couple of heart-wrenching scenes and the trick is that we're able to empathize with both perspectives. In a role that easily could have become nothing more than a wealthy, heartless snob, Bishop, along with some deft writing, has made Emily a compassionate character.

The season premiere also finds Rory and her grandfather having their first fight. Although "Gilmore Girls" is full of witty one liners and flip remarks, the show never overplays its sardonic hand. The characters are serious when they need to be and one of Tuesday's best scenes has Lorelai defending her father.

This season we'll also see the return of Rory's dad, Christopher (David Sutcliffe). Lisa Weil (Paris) and the dreamy Jared Padalecki (Dean) have been bumped up to series regular, and there's a new boy (Milo Ventimiglia) who might catch Rory's eye. This is Five VCRs television (check out my column on Sept. 17) for a recap of my ratings system). Don't miss it (or promise me you'll tape it while you watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer.")

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