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Scott Patterson's WB Questionnaire, 10.02.01 ...

Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson takes a swing at The WB Questionnaire.

What word best describes you?

What is your all-time favorite line of your character?
"Red meat can kill you. Enjoy."

What aspect of your character would you like to have?
The simplicity of his wardrobe. Luke's a little like Einstein that way.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A really good British accent.

Define the perfect day?
8:00am, sunny, 28 degrees, 2 feet of untracked, fresh powder, 45-degree pitch, 14,000 feet elevation, Utah or Colorado.

What quality in yourself would you like to improve?
My knife throwing.

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Apples. They ward off doctors.

What's your favorite movie of all-time?
A Clockwork Orange.

What's your biggest complaint in life?
Too many minivans.

Name your greatest achievement.
I set the clock on the VCR once. Never got credit.

Name your greatest regret.
Calling Bruno Sammartino a lunkhead in an elevator. Big mistake.

What do you like most about Hollywood?
It's a dream factory.

What do you deplore most about Hollywood?
Only one good pizza joint!

If you weren't in show business, you would be?
A ski racer.

What's something in the world you'd like to see outlawed?
Speed limits on ski slopes. It should be full throttle or nothing!

What quality do you envy in the opposite sex?
Their ability to suffer with dignity.

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