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Gilmore Girls Living Single, 08.28.01 ...

Inquiring Gilmore Girls aficionados want to know: Will single mama Lorelai (Lauren Graham) ever get past the percolation stage with coffee-shop owner Luke (Scott Patterson)? This fall, how about seeing a robust, full-bodied, fire-roasted romance for the oh-so-caffeinated duo, instead of just an occasional cuppa joe?

"We all have somebody in our lives where you kind of revisit the idea now and again," Graham hedges to TV Guide Online. "But Lorelai talks so much and Luke doesn't talk at all. He does understand her in a real good, longstanding friend sort of way..."

Humph! What a tease. "I don't think the relationship gets strung along just for the sake of it," she insists. "It's just sort of real, a thing that tugs at you and I don't know where it's going to go." Cracking wise Lorelai-style, she adds: "Hopefully it'll end up in Paris: A very special Gilmore Girls in Paris."

Luke or no Luke, Graham suggests: "It's going to be very difficult for [Lorelai] to settle down because her focus has been on Rory [Alexis Bledel], the child she had when she was a teenager. She hasn't had the normal relationship growth and progress that another person not in that situation would have had.

"So," she surmises, "it's probably going to take a couple of tries. There's a certain sense of being protective that [makes it] hard to let a new person in. Plus, it's fun to have boys as guest stars!"

In other words, don't look for our heroine to find true, lasting love anytime soon. Laughs Graham: "Maybe we'll just wait until it can be a double wedding with me and Rory. That might be the series finale. Because God willing, six years from now, that would be a good way to end it."
Credit: TV Guide Online

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