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Jared Padalecki Chat Canceled, 07.30.01 ...

Jared Padalecki's E! Online chat has been canceled. This is the message that was posted on the E! web site:

"Sorry, chatters. Jared Padalecki had to postpone due to Gilmore obligations--but stay tuned, 'cause he'll be dropping in soon."

E! Online's gossip columnist (Wanda) explained why:

Bad news first: Due to an unforeseen intense shooting schedule, the Gilmore Girls' Jared Padalecki (you know, that dreamboat Dean) is unable to join us for today's chat. Yes, my heart's totally broken, too. But I still love the show. Jared SWEARS that he'll reschedule and I'll let you know all about it just as soon as I do.

Again, Jared totally apologized and said that he'll join us in the future for a real chat soon. Now, the good news...Jared's in more scenes than ever (that's why he's so busy today) so we'll get to see plenty more of him in upcoming Gilmore Girls eps.
Credit: E! Online

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