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Gilmore Girls Grocer Man, 07.27.01 ...

It's a good thing Jared Padalecki isn't my neighborhood grocery clerk. Because instead of chatting with you guys this Monday, I'd probably be answering "Paper or plastic?" and trying to brush his hand as he reached for my creamed corn.

But luckily, Jared only plays a bag boy on TV. Better yet, he has been upped to a regular on the WB's Gilmore Girls this season, so we Dean fanatics can catch him week after week without having to quit our beloved day jobs.

Well, at least mine's beloved, and here's why: This Monday at 6 p.m. ET, the 19-year-old Texan is going to be here, in the flesh, to chat. He'll answer your questions about everything from the new season's storylines (does he have a future with Rory?) to behind-the-scenes dish (is he really friends with his onscreen rival?) and, of course, his personal preference on the ever-pressing issue of paper versus plastic.

In the meantime, here are some tidbits on what you can expect on Gilmore Girls' upcoming season.

First, the burning question of the season finale's cliffhanger engagement: Will Lorelai say yes? When the show comes back, I'm told Max still won't have a definite answer, and before he does, Lorelai decides she must go and spill the beans to a certain coffee-wielding, ball-capped babe.

Still not clear? Here's another hint: Scott Cohen (who plays Max) will be recurring--as in, not a regular this season. You do the math.

Also keeping his recurring (read: dumped) status will be Chad Michael Murray, who plays Tristan. He's moving on to other WB starlets--namely Michelle Williams (Jen) on Dawson's Creek--playing a guy she meets at a frat party.

As for Rory and Dean, don't expect everything to be smooth sailing just because Tristan's out of the picture. I've heard Luke has a cutie-pie nephew coming to town who just happens to be Rory's age, and although they won't attend the same school, they could share a chemistry experiment or two. The lucky guy will be played by 23-year-old Milo Ventimiglia; you might remember him from last summer's short-lived Opposite Sex on Fox. (That was him in drag, singing "I Will Survive.")

All the second-season drama begins this fall. But on August 7, Gilmore Girls moves to its new home--Tuesday nights at 8--where it needs your support more than ever. Even though the show is escaping the Must-See/Survivor time-slot nightmare, Gilmore now has to duke it out with WB expatriate Buffy and, perhaps even scarier, Fox's big-buzz comedy Undeclared, from Freaks and Geeks creator Judd Apatow (which, I hate to admit, is the funniest new show of the season).

Hopefully, Gilmore will continue to climb in the Nielsens, just as it did last season against those unforgiving torch snuffers. But the choice we Buffy/Gilmore/Apatow fans face is cruel. My advice? Suck it up--and get a digital recorder, so you don't miss a thing.
Credit: E! Online

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