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Sally Struthers Interview, 11.02.00 ...

Sally Struthers has been working overtime. Get some info, insights, and advice from TV's favorite gal "Gloria" in Jann Carl's exclusive interview!

Jann Carl: Tell me how the role came about on "Gilmore Girls." What a cute show!

Sally Struthers: Oh, have you seen it?

Jann Carl: Yes.

Sally Struthers: I'm so proud to be on it. It was one of those flukes where I got in under the wire because of my lack of stature. The gods were with me, I did one of the best readings of my life -- and then I was on a roll. When I left, I didn't even make it home -- the phone was ringing and they were saying, "We want you for this part."
Credit: ET Online

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