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One of my favorites, from Women of Questionable Morals:


some of my favorties...

LORELAI: Because my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish. "I'm writing a letter. I can't write a letter. "Why can't I write a letter? I'm wearing a green dress. "I wish I was wearing my blue dress. "My blue dress is at the cleaners. "'The Germans wore gray. You wore blue. ''Casablanca'. "'Casablanca such a good movie. "'Casablanca.' The white house. Bush. "Why don't I drive a hybrid car? I should drive a hybrid car. "I should really take my bicycle to work. "Bicycle. Unicycle. Unitard. Hockey puck. Rattlesnake. Monkey, monkey, underpants."

LORELAI: Sad Danish, lonely Danish, step-Danish.

RORY: Hey. My mom's not wearing any underwear

LUKE: What gave you that idea? (to Lorelai, who is leaving) No tip?
LORELAI: Oh, yeah, here's a tip -- serve your customers.
LUKE: Here's another -- don't sit on any cold benches.

RICHARD: They have a ball machine on their tennis court that is extraordinarily loud and unpredictable.
EMILY: Flying, thumping balls all over the place.
LORELAI: Flying, thumping what all over the place?
EMILY: Balls.
[Lorelai giggles]
EMILY: You are four.
LORELAI: And balls are funny.

RORY: Hey, I found a CD under the front seat of our car. Did you lose one?
LORELAI: Not that I know of, but I'm kind of sloppy with them.
RORY: So, you didn't hide it?
LORELAI: Why would I hide a CD?
RORY: I don't know. Bay City Rollers?
LORELAI: It's not a Bay City Rollers CD.
RORY: How do you know?
LORELAI: Because I know what's not hidden under that seat.
RORY: Ha! Because you know that Barry Manilow is under that seat.
LUKE: Where's Barry Manilow?
RORY: Under Mom's seat.
LORELAI: All right, I confess, I was hiding Barry Manilow.
RORY: You confess!
LORELAI: But he was very big when I was very small and it's the live version where he does a medley of all the commercial jingles he's written.
RORY: Don't worry. Everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure now and again.
LORELAI: Hm, very diplomatic from the girl who had the Bryan Adams poster above her bed for two years.
RORY: Fink.
LORELAI: Do you have a guilty pleasure Luke?
LUKE: Nah.
LORELAI: Are you into music?
LUKE: Sure.
LORELAI: Monosyllabic man strikes again.
RORY: We'll have two muffins please.
LUKE: You got it. [walks away]
LORELAI: Do you think he's dated anyone since Rachel?
RORY: I don't know. Where would he meet anyone? He's either here or in his apartment.
LORELAI: Maybe he has a secret life. Maybe he's got a little chippy stowed away in Mount Pilot.
RORY: Well, we'll know eventually.
LORELAI: I say he's a bachelor for life.
RORY: I say there's someone for everyone. [starts laughing]
RORY: Uhh, Barry Manilow.
LORELAI: Ugh, stop.
RORY: [sings] Looks like we made itů
LORELAI: Oh yeah? Spice Girls.
RORY: Duran Duran.
RORY: Olivia Newton John.
LORELAI: The Macarena. You and Lane for hours and hours, for weeks on end.
RORY: Hey, we were mocking. You can't mock the mocking.
LORELAI: All right. It's getting ugly. Let's stop.
RORY: Let's be friends again.
LORELAI: All right.
RORY: [giggles]
LORELAI: Stop it.

LORELAI: Yeah, can you hear that? (pause) No, no, it's higher, it's like a high-pitched kind of an "EEEEEE!" sound. It started last week but it was lower and it only happened when we opened the door and now it's higher and it's on all the time so I think it's really, uh, growing in confidence. (pause) OK, look, I've already told this to three other people so could you just please tell me what is wrong with this fridge? (pause) I'm not going to make the noise again. (pause) I'm not --- EEEEEE! (pause) Look, Jerry, I don't have a lot of pride but I do have enough that I do not want to make that noise again, so could you please, tell me what is wrong with the fridge or connect me with someone who can? (pause) Thank you. Hello...Rusty, great. Listen, my fridge is making this weird sound. It's like a high-pitched -- you know what -- actually, is Jerry still there? (pause) OK, have him make the sound. He knows it. I'll wait. (pause) I know! It does sound bad.

RORY: Yeah, like rocket gum is sweeping the nation.
LORELAI: When I have made $1 zillion from my rocket-gum invention, you will eat those words. Or more likely, chew those words and blow a bubble with them, 'cause did I mention that rocket gum is bubble gum? But instead of blowing bubbles, it releases helium that shoots the chewer up into space.

hey can any1 tell me what jess means in season 3 episode let the games begin where he says "your timing was perfest by the way next time ill hang a sock on the door"

RICHARD:long distance
LORALI:god lives in london
RICHARD:my mother lives in london
LORALI:your mother is god
LORALI:and a relative thats so cool im goin totally ask for favors
RICHARD:make her stop
RORY:oh that i could

sorry for the spelling

Quote from: gilmoregirlfreak on August 21, 2007, 08:28:19 am

hey can any1 tell me what jess means in season 3 episode let the games begin where he says "your timing was perfest by the way next time ill hang a sock on the door"

Im not sure how to explain this PG So....

Jess was kidding around. When you hang a sock or bandana on the door your doing more grow up things....more than kissing. "It"

ok, I gave it my best shot.


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