7.13 - I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia
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June 22, 2018, 02:06:41 am

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Author Topic: 7.13 - I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia  (Read 150375 times)
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« Reply #390 on: April 25, 2009, 09:24:16 am »

Logan really was there for Rory during this crisis, guess he does truly love her.

Christopher is a jackass, at least leave the cellphone ON when you run off the P0UT over Luke.

Felt bad for Emily, she was doing all those things to stay busy and avoid freakin out.

Ummmmmmmmmm writers, a phone call from both Lane and Paris would've been nice.  They's Rory's BFF's after all.
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« Reply #391 on: June 25, 2009, 03:27:46 pm »

Another excellent episode. 

There was some excellent humor involving Babette and Paul Anka, Zach taking over for Lane (which I think is a great thing for what he's doing for her), and Richard's own groggy comments.

Yet, it's all dramatic and I think features some of the best acting of the series. 

Logan gets 2 big thumbs up for me.  While I'm more of a Jess guy.  Logan definitely proved his worth and he showed great devotion to the family.  He even won over Lorelai and the fact he helped out while taking little time to do some business things go to show that the Gilmores can count on him.  In tribute to Men on... from In Living Color, I give Logan two snaps, a twirl, and a booty shake.

I felt bad for Emily.  Just doing all of the duties as a wife and just not trying to lose control.  She really does love Richard Gilmore more than anything and to have her almost freak out like that was sad.  I think Kelly Bishop really gave Emily Gilmore a lot of depth into that performance.  Emily maybe snobbish, cruel, and sometimes cold but she does have a heart and her devotion to Richard says it all.

Amidst all of this.  I think no one suffered as more than Lorelai did.  I think these past 2 years.  Rory dropping out of Yale for a while, not talking to Rory, having to postpone her wedding to Luke, be shut out by him, then sleep with Christopher when she was still engaged to Luke, break-up with Luke, be married to Christopher on a whim, and now having Christopher not be there for her and Luke being there for her again.  This is truly the worst period in the life of Lorelai Gilmore.  Her last phone call to Christopher was just sad because she needed Christopher more than anything and he doesn't answer.  I think all of this hurt Lorelai more than anything and that last scene showed from what I think is total concern from Emily.  She realized that her daughter is miserable and her husband has proven himself to be incompetent and unreliable.  I think what she was saying was just her way of comforting Lorelai.

I think the episode in some ways, is about redemption.  Especially for 2 characters, Luke and Christopher.  Luke, having gone through so much and I think having been aware that he screwed things up with Lorelai, finally redeemed himself.  He went basically out of instinct and because he was worried for the whole Gilmore family.  Having Emily treat him like a help was something Luke could take.  I think he knew Christopher might be around but didn't want to cause any discomfort.  Yet, he did those things for Emily and came back with food.  That was the moment he redeemed himself by showing up again.  Of course, things with him and Lorelai are awkward until he came back where she seemed more receptive towards him.  I think for Lorelai, it was a bit of relief that despite all the bullsh*t that has happened to them for the past several months.  Him showing up proves that he still cares for Lorelai and the Gilmores.  In fact, with Luke, he's the person that can be counted on. 

Then there's Christopher.  I'm aware that he's mad and turned his phone off because he didn't want to talk.  Still, that's no excuse for his behavior.  What if Rory called or something that had to do with Gigi?  That was just poor judgement on his part.  Yet, he still had a chance to redeem himself.  All he had to do was show up and just comfort his family.  He showed up all right at the last minute but to see Luke and Lorelai.  Man, he blew it.  You would think for someone from his rich background.  He could display some sense of class.  He didn't.  Luke, realizing that Chris is here, knew that he shouldn't be here because Lorelai is married and her husband has arrived.  Luke was about to leave but the insult Chris gave was just childish and rude.  In a way, I think he was just trying to goad Luke into punching him or to try to make him inferior.  Well, that didn't work.  Luke just did the right thing, looked at Lorelai looking very stressed and knew that she's been through enough that day.  The last thing she needs is to see her ex-fiance and husband go into another brawl. 

What Luke did in just walking away and express his condolences showed something that no one, not even Emily Gilmore would expect from him.  Luke displayed a sense of class and character that is far more receptive of any kind of social class and such.  That insult Chris gave as well as him just not expressing any kind of comfort or concern was him acting like a f*cking *sshole.  He had no right to make Lorelai feel uncomfortable like that.  He had no right to insult Luke for helping out.  He blew it.  He's supposed to be this so-called great son-in-law that Richard and Emily had counted but he didn't.  The man was supposed to be their son-in-law was the one who walked out, take every kind of insult, and take every kind of order and return with food and things that they needed.  So you know what Christopher Hayden.  F*CK YOU!
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