Balcony Buddies (Lorelai and Chris) - Genes don't lie
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Author Topic: Balcony Buddies (Lorelai and Chris) - Genes don't lie  (Read 139720 times)
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« Reply #465 on: August 01, 2008, 05:41:37 pm »

I agree with most of what you are saying but I dont's think that the reason why Lorelai didn't want to have another child with Chris was because of the way he was absent with Rory or that it would be too much for Lorelai what with the Inn,  friday night dinners or concerns about Rory's future.  It was becasue she still had strong feelings for Luke.  Probably even still loved him.  I think that she felt that what she really wanted was to be married to Luke and have his baby.  Lorelai could definately handle all of that and a baby.  Most woman do.  And it was really strange that the first time it was brought up and talked about for about three minutes and he wanted to get right at it and start trying right then.  I would be suspicious about his motives, too.

One thing that you said doesn't seem right to me, you said that Chris got all of that money and then spoiled GiGi.  Wasn't she spoiled before he got the money?  She was screaming and saying no to everything when Lorelai was watching her.  She called Chris on it and Chris started telling GiGi no and then she was okay.  He didn't get the money until later at Thanksgiving that year.  Anybody know if I am seeing this right or not?

We can't really bring in the Virtual Season 8 because that is just the way that some fans saw how it should continue and not really a part of the show.

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« Reply #466 on: August 01, 2008, 08:22:28 pm »

GiGi was spoilt from the word go before Chris got his Grandfather's money. But that was by Sherry and the Nannies not Chris. I got the impression that Chris was actually quite absent in Gigi's early years too. Remember he came home from a business trip to find his fiance gone? His ineptitude with Gigi was due to the fact that he'd never looked after her before for any extended length of time.
I wouldn't say that his flaws outweigh his attributes. His only real flaw is a flightiness which would have plagued Lorelai too if she didn't have a child to raise. This next comment will probably raise some angry comments but I think that Lorelai to an extent created this flaw in Chris. He was ready to get married and raise Rory when he was a teenager, she was the one who let him go find himself. And then he gets criticised for being himself and shirking his responsibilities, when he was never really given a defined place in the GG world.
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« Reply #467 on: August 01, 2008, 08:59:13 pm »

I think you two got a point about Gigi.  I forgot about the nannies and Sherry.  I knew my argument was going to be wrong somewhere. 

I was also trying to think from the perspective of what Rory must've felt about the idea of having to deal with the fact that her father often isn't around when she was a kid.  It must've been very hurtful from Rory's perspective about Chris' lack of appearances. 

I think Luke probably understood in where Rory was coming from considering the fact that he lost his mother when he was just a boy and then his father just as he was coming into his adult world.  Luke also carried the guilt for the fact that he never was in April's life for those 12 years.  Imagine how she felt knowing that she had a father somewhere and never knew who he was only to find out at the age of 12 through a science experiment.  I think for both Rory and April, the fact that they've both spent their lives just living with their moms and without a dad in their lives must've been tough.  For April, she was robbed of the fact that she had a father around all her life and he never knew about her.  Rory was robbed for the fact that Christopher had a lot of opportunities to be at birthday parties and such yet could never be there. 

I think in some ways, that was what Lorelai was thinking when she wrote that letter.  In some ways, that letter was an offer of sacrifice for Luke to get the chance to have his daughter around him even though she would be in New Mexico for some time.  What she sacrificed in the end was her marriage to Christopher.  She obviously thought about what April would go through knowing that she has a father who loved her and because of legal reasons, couldn't be around.  That would be very hurtful for her and Luke.  Luke was pretty much on the verge of losing everything.  Lorelai wrote that letter so she can give Luke the chance to be a full-time father.

I don't think Christopher ever understood the position of what Rory had to go through in her life in not having her dad around.  I think he was more caught up in this fantasy he had all of his life.  When the divorce happened.  It was over. 

Part of me believe that there was a deleted scene that never got shot where Chris went to the diner confronting Luke blaming him for the end of the marriage.  Luke, would reply "Well buddy, congratulations.  You lost her, I lost her.  We're both losers.  She's on her own.  That's fine with me.  So I suggest you get the hell out of my diner before you lose something else". 

And Chris would probably say, "You suck... da dunna duy!!!" 

I know the show's over but I feel like the story is not over at all.  I think Chris and Lorelai's relationship is more about old friendship and the fact that Lorelai still cares about Gigi and gives her birthday presents and such.  Plus, she's Chris' best buddy. 

That's a consolation at least.  They're still balcony buddies!!!  Just as long as Chris keeps his you-know-what in his pants or else Luke will throw a fast ball right at his you-know-what. 
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