Finn / Tanc Sade Appreciation
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Question: Which guy do u like?

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Author Topic: Finn / Tanc Sade Appreciation  (Read 87610 times)
gilmore for life
« Reply #135 on: May 18, 2008, 02:22:20 pm »

I LOVED Finn in his John Travolta get up... God he looked Hot and fit it perfectly. I loved his "Pulp Fiction" dance too... he's got the groove.

My absolute favorite Finn moment is from "Let Your Balinkas Ring Out..."
FINN: "Good morning, New Haven! My, my, you look fresh and appealing tonight!"
MAN: "Shut up!"
FINN: "God has spoken to me... rather rudely!"
MAN: "Shut up!"
RORY: "Finn, keep it down!"
COLIN: (climbs on car and hold on to a street light pole) "Finn, watch. Tostingo!" (throws a glass he was holding in the air, Finn pretends to be shooting at it and it shatters)
MAN: "Hey...Shut up!"

JULIET: "Have I gained weight?"
JULIET: "Finn didn't make a pass at me."
FINN: "No, love, my brain is cloudy. Here I am making a pass at you. Pass, pass!"
COLIN: "That is so expositional."


i so agree that is funny
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« Reply #136 on: October 31, 2008, 10:53:16 am »

I love Finn, he looks so hot! and he is really funny! He and Logan are best guys in GG!!!
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« Reply #137 on: February 05, 2009, 10:16:26 am »

Calling all Tanc Sade Fans!

Big "Ask Tanc" Project!

Since there aren't very many pages offering information about the talented actor Tanc Sade, and because I have heard many people (on other boards) complain about that - I decided to ask Tanc what he thought about a fanpage. He said he was touched by my offer to make one dedicated to him, and that he was willing to answer any questions I had.

I came up with a questinnary about the "basics", but since I am a very un-egoistical person and love to share, I decided to include a FAQ section including fans' questions!
Is there anything you have always wanted to know about Tanc?
Now is your chance to get your question answered!

I can guarantee that every question answered will have been answered by Tanc personally. However, I can not guarantee that he will answer every single question. After all, he also is "only human", and I am sure there are things he wants to keep private.

I am accepting questions until Feburary 15th.
Please send them to me in either a private message, or in an e-mail [the latter being the best since I check my e-mails daily].

I am still in the process of creating the page, so it is not online and public yet.
I will let everyone know once you can have access to it.
All questions and answered will be posted on it.
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