2.15 - Lost and Found
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Author Topic: 2.15 - Lost and Found  (Read 42457 times)
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« Reply #60 on: June 24, 2009, 05:29:21 pm »

Rory would probably have never gotten it back if Jess hadn't picked it up in 'A tisket a tasket' and I agree that if he was doing it to hurt Dean then he wouldn't have put it back so soon after he found out that it was precious to Rory and that Dean made it. He had no idea that Dean made it-why would he? and he wasn't being vindictive or trying to stir things up in this episode he was just holding onto something that belonged to the girl he loved which I think is really sweet and just another little thing that Jess does as a sign of his affection for Rory.

oh my gosh i love this-
Lorelai- what did you get all dressed in black and pull a mission impossible.
Jess-actually i came down the chimmney and pulled a santa claus. -hilarious!!!!

Jess-If it's the most precious thing she owns then how come it took her two weeks to figure out it was gone huh? You might wanna start re-evalutating how madly in love she is, i wouldn't start calling him 'son' yet. -such a good line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I find unbelieveable is that he practically admits his strong feelings for Rory to Lorelai!!!
I think that Lorelai and Jess were soooooooo close to getting along in this episode before Rory jumped in, perhaps if she came just 5mins later the Jess and Lorelai situation wouldn't be so bad!!!

'what makes you think I care about you?' amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely adore all of the lines you just quoted, but I have to say that I disagree about him picking up the bracelet and not knowing it was Dean's.

If he hadn't known it was Dean who made it, why do you think he made that smile, a smile that says he knows that by taking the bracelet he'll do something to harm the relationship between Rory and Dean, and he'll gladly do it anyhow.
But, still, even so - even if he knew he was doing something wrong, I'm totally with him on that. The more damage he made, the more I loved him  Grin That's part of his charm - he did all that was in his power to win Rory over (and he also thought Dean was a boring, whiny, intimidated guy, which I couldn't agree more with), by obviously destroying her relationship but in such a cool way, and he succeded. I adore how everything was rainbows and butterflies for Dean and Rory until he came, and from day 1, everything changed for them just because Rory caught Jess' eye.

Jess: Are you sure you want me to go? Cause maybe this whole thing can be solved between me and Dean if we just sat down, had a little heart-to-heart, he could tell me his issues, Iíll tell him mineÖ
Rory: Jess!
Jess: I promise Iíll speak slowly.
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