6.14 - You've Been Gilmored
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Author Topic: 6.14 - You've Been Gilmored  (Read 55071 times)
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« Reply #105 on: July 02, 2006, 03:21:51 am »

I have to say this was far from my fav Gilmore Girls epsoide.  I love that Rory was made editor of the yale daily news but Paris reaction was far from funny.  In fact I dont think I found this epsoide at all funny.  Whats happened to the show please tell me the rest of this series is not like this. Cry

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« Reply #106 on: July 04, 2006, 01:15:23 pm »

Seriously, I loved that Rory got to be editor. And Paris kicking her out was funny. Yet again, I have a weird sense of humor. Oh well.

Lorelai: Ethics?
Rory: High subjective and completely overrated.
Lorelai: That's my girl?
Karen: Do you still have feelings for her?
Jim: ...Yes
Us: *squee*
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« Reply #107 on: July 13, 2006, 07:40:58 am »

Seriously, I loved that Rory got to be editor. And Paris kicking her out was funny. Yet again, I have a weird sense of humor. Oh well.

No I think you're right! I mean Paris was being...welll Paris. Wayyyy too controling to be editor. It was funny though Grin hehehehe Paris's face...hahaha
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« Reply #108 on: November 04, 2006, 05:13:56 am »

this episode was...i donno... Huh Undecided...oh i so hate emily and richard...i mean y do they want to meet luke...each time in 1 way or another they have to be a part of lorelai's life.. Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry....oh and how christopher and logan have so much in common...my god that was sooo cute Roll Eyes....but y did chris tell lorelai about rory and logan living together...i mean rory told chris that she was going to tell lorelai evetually and she did...but that was so dady-ish of him Roll Eyes Cheesy...my fav line was:

CHRIS: Whoa, is that the new Xbox 360? [Logan nods.] Okay, I'm totally moving in here with you.

and my fav part:

[Lorelai and Luke exit the front door.]

LUKE: I don't know if I can drive.

LORELAI: Well, walk to the car.

LUKE: Did you know real estate's gone up that much?

LORELAI: Not that much!

LUKE: Oh, my shirt is soaking wet.

LORELAI: I've got to start reading the business section.

LUKE: I never knew there were so many horrible ways you could lose everything you own!

LORELAI: Or con-men! Con-men! Are there really con-men? I thought they went the way of vaudevillians and Trotskyites.

LUKE: You've got to double, triple-insure everything you own!

LORELAI: I've got to learn more about umbrella policies.

LUKE: Does Sookie know how much the inn has appreciated?

LORELAI: I don't think so!

LUKE: Because if they could come after her, they could come after you, 'cause you're a partner!

LORELAI: Or, when we get married, they could come after you because we're married!

LUKE: And Sookie's married to Jackson, so they could go after his farm and all his equipment!

LORELAI: Maybe I should sit down with Sookie!

LUKE: And I'll talk to Jackson.

LORELAI: Or maybe, maybe we could do it at the same time because that way - [She waves her arm.] - No! This is ridiculous! This is what Gilmores do! They get in your freaking head and they mess with it!

LUKE: Oh, they're good at that.

LORELAI: Forget Sookie and Jackson, they're responsible people. Dad does the inn, we're covered there. I just need to talk to my homeowner policy guy.

LUKE: And I'll talk to my guy.

LORELAI: But in person. Right? You should see his office. That's what the Hubert Lansing story taught us.

LUKE: Or was it John Kendall?

LORELAI: No, no, he's selling banjos in Nashville.

LUKE: It was Hubert Lansing.

LORELAI: So in person!

LUKE: Right! And I shouldn't worry about April.


LUKE: Because if I was a guy hearing a story about what happened to me, the timing would sound suspicious!

LORELAI: April's twelve. She's not a conman. Although I know nothing about her mother.

LUKE: Anna's cool.

LORELAI: You know that for a fact?

LUKE: Absolutely. The timing is weird, but this woman is very down-to-earth, very un-materialistic. I trust my gut. My gut says there's nothing bad there.

LORELAI: Okay. Good. I trust your gut too. [She shakes her head.] I feel like I should run in there and yell at them about something!

LUKE: About what?

LORELAI: I don't know. That's what's stopping me.

LUKE: What is this feeling, this tightness in the chest, this anger mixed with paralyzing weakness?

LORELAI: You've been Gilmored! But do you know what the weird thing is? They referred to us as family! You, me!

LUKE: Yeah, what was that about?

LORELAI: Well, I think in some twisted way, that may have been them actually validating us as a couple!

LUKE: Wow, that is twisted. And weird.

LORELAI [sighs]: Yeah.

LUKE: Well, I think I can walk now. Can you walk?


LUKE: All right. [He turns toward the truck, then stops.] Why did she say June third?

LORELAI: Oh, it's old information. They're always a step behind.

LUKE: Right. Hey, which one was Somerset Maugham?

Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

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« Reply #109 on: April 23, 2007, 05:11:58 pm »

I follow the repeat episodes on ABC family as well as the new episodes on the CW 20. This episode was today and I love this epsiode. I love that rory was named editor, but i loved even more that Rory moved in with Logan!!!!!!!!! Luke and LOrelai at Emily and Richard was alsoo hil-ar-i-ous.

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« Reply #110 on: July 15, 2007, 11:17:32 am »

in this episode I love the part when Chris goes to Yale and all girls look at him...this scene:

[Rory notices two girls checking Chris out as they walk by.]

RORY: I don't believe it.

CHRIS: What?

RORY: Did you not see those two girls?

CHRIS: No, what?

RORY: They totally checked you out.

CHRIS [laughing]: They did? Cool.

RORY: It's the same way with Mom. I swear, I hate having hot parents.

CHRIS: Sorry.

[They stop at the open door of a classroom.]

was really funny  Grin

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« Reply #111 on: September 21, 2007, 01:02:32 pm »

I love rory being editor
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« Reply #112 on: September 24, 2007, 05:16:26 am »

surprisingly nobody beat up paris in this episode Cheesy

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« Reply #113 on: June 19, 2008, 03:41:53 am »

I love the scene with Logan and Christopher. I always laugh through it.

CHRIS [laughing]: I was kicked out of Groton!
LOGAN: You're kidding!
CHRIS: Nope. Did a semester at St. Sebastian's after that.
LOGAN: I know several people who got kicked out of St. Sebastian's! My good friend Colin was actually banned from coming anywhere within a ten mile radius.
CHRIS: Impressive!
RORY [hands Chris a soda]: Here you go.
CHRIS: Thank you. Uh, after St. Sebastian's I went on to St. Sybill's.
LOGAN: I almost went there myself but I wound up at St. Mark's instead.
CHRIS: How long you last there?
LOGAN: About a week.
CHRIS: Yeah, they've got quite the trigger finger at St. Mark's. You ever do Deerfield?
LOGAN: Please! Deerfield's for amateurs. I got kicked out of Rivers!
CHRIS: I didn't think Rivers kicked anybody out!
LOGAN: Neither did we, but Dean Eldon's Miata on the bottom of Lake Rutherford proved just the ticket.
CHRIS [smiling widely]: Rory, you got a good man here!
RORY: Interesting yardstick you're using.

I wonder if this isn't at least partially behind Lorelai's distrust towards Logan. She seems to tolerate him but is always cautious. Given how her relationship with Chris turned out when she was 16 she might be projecting some of her feelings. Granted Rory isn't 16, but I sometimes get the feeling that Lorelai doesn't trust Rory's instincts especially when it comes to her boyfriends.
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« Reply #114 on: July 26, 2008, 02:36:04 pm »

I agree with Dani: This episode was much better than the last few, but still nothing to pee yourself over.

I had a problem with Christopher's phone call because of WHEN he called.  I understand his "parent code" feeling, and his finking feeling.  So here's what you do, Chris.  You wait until AFTER Rory said she was going to talk to her mom (at least give her a chance man), THEN check in with either Lorelai or Rory to make sure it happened (like the next day), and if it didn't then you follow the parent code and tell Lorelai.  Why in the world would you call before Rory got a chance to call like she said she would?  And it didn't advance the plot at all, so what was the point?

I thought Michel was so cute!  When he started sadly recounting their tradition I literally said "awwwwwww!" outloud.  So adorable.

I'm glad Rory finally became editor.  It sucks that Paris thought she was plotting it from the beginning, but Paris has always been paranoid that way.  She thought Rory was plotting with Francie, she thought she destroyed her project on purpose and such.  Hopefully Paris will simmer dahn nah and realize things didn't go down the way she thought, like she always does.

It's stupid that Rory and Logan are moving in together.  Way to early (if it should ever happen, ick).  I know they were dating before, but they just got back together.  And Logan's attitude about it "It'll be fun!"  Not enough serious thought was put into an important decision like this.  There are only two excuses for it.  (1) They both view it as temporary while she looks for her own place again or (2) Living together drives them apart and Rory dumps Logan's arse for good.

That's all for now, lots more later per usual, I'm sure Smiley

I totally agree with everything you said.

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« Reply #115 on: March 20, 2009, 06:29:21 pm »

I think this episode was much better than the last few

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« Reply #116 on: April 12, 2009, 01:42:02 pm »

I'll admit Logan has been tolerable lately, but Rory movin in with him is a bad idea.
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