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 on: June 30, 2015, 08:28:22 pm 
Started by Lily - Last post by QweenB
My off topic topic-of-the-day: Office Martyrs

Do any of you have a workmate that just makes you dread coming into work? Someone who makes everything about themselves or fobs work off onto other people in the pretense of delegating due to being extremely busy (when they aren't even close to busy), the person who has the boss under their thumb even though they aren't very good at what they do, or someone who hovers at your desk when you are working and expects you to stop working to either talk to them or assist them with their work. Do you have a person who makes you feel uncomfortable by over sharing personal details about their health, their lack of a sex life or simply farting in your presence? Or picks at boils or pimples in the office? Or scratches themselves so aggressively that you can hear the scratchy noise across the room? What about the morbidly obese person who lives on coke and egg and bacon sandwiches (whilst injecting insulin in your presence)? Or they diet or quit smoking for five minutes and then you catch them eating a whole pizza or chain smoking? Or they just spend half the day either smoking or taking personal calls about their sick child/husband/mother in law...Or the person who lives alone and wants you to drop your social life to be their companion? How about the obnoxious person who leaves you gifts of tacky jewelry that you know they got out of the bargain bin as a way to appease you for dealing with them. Oh, what about the person who wears a really really strong perfume that makes you gag??

I have all of that...IN ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me I am not alone Sad

B xxx

(As if on queue she just brought me in a present to make up for dumping a load of work on me yesterday - a little pocket hand is cute but doesn't really make up for the awful job she lumped me with yesterday)

 on: June 30, 2015, 04:14:36 pm 
Started by sophie-gilmore - Last post by QweenB
I have had a helicopter flight over Melbourne and it was beautiful! I would really like to try hot air ballooning too. We live in an area that has a fair bit of hot air balloon activity. We woke up early one morning to this whoosing sound and I looked out the window to see this hot air balloon almost sitting on our house. By the time I realised what was going on and grabbed my phone it was already moving away but I managed to get this pic:

HYE...gone skinny dipping?

 on: June 30, 2015, 03:56:44 pm 
Started by QweenB - Last post by QweenB
So my update:
I am still single and have been for many years. It can be quite lonely sometimes.
However, one thing has changed. i am now looking for Mrs. Right  Nod

Good golly Miss Marlies! Way to sneak in that little tidbit! You go girl! I am sure she is out there looking for you too Smiley

Don't feel lonely, you have so many adventures in your life, maybe the universe doesn't want you to miss out on those, maybe your Mrs Right is a bit of home body and you need to fulfill some of those crazy desires before you find her!

 on: June 30, 2015, 03:46:22 pm 
Started by Copperboom! - Last post by QweenB
I have to admit to the truth to some of your cons Marlies. I was once a big fan of the show The Pretender which ended really abruptly. Well, fan pressure saw them make a couple of movies to tie up loose ends and it was with different writers and it was the most b*llshit ending that had nothing to do with the show so far. It was incredibly disappointing.

However, that show had a lot of intrigue and super secret facilities run by super secret organisations doing super secret things and it was convoluted from the beginning. Gilmore Girls is much more straight forward and I think they would respect it. You cant please everybody, especially with so much "shipping" but you could say that about many of the storylines we already know.

 on: June 30, 2015, 03:42:15 pm 
Started by QweenB - Last post by QweenB
Lets do a google search for tranquiltemple and see where he hangs out when he isn't playing with us!

(Says the stalker)

 on: June 30, 2015, 12:49:50 pm 
Started by QweenB - Last post by talkingfriend
hey fellow singles...

i thought i might fill you in..on my love life...
very boring at the moment..but then something akward happened

i made out with this guy ,i know, at a club, but it was so random. i was drunk....and all that
and then i didn't see him til about 10 days later..and it was all very akward...

i am just not finding the right guy!...i guess uni is a time for experimenting...but i wanna have something more serious...
this is me thinking aloud.....just ignore... Wink

hopoe you are all getting on better than me

Yes, i am quoting myself - that might be vain, but I have to, because of so many reasons:
I can't believe I was on here moaning about being single and telling you all about my love life. Then again, i kinda can.

I think that guy I mentioned was a guy I got really friendly with. He is married now and I am really happy for him.

So my update:
I am still single and have been for many years. It can be quite lonely sometimes.
However, one thing has changed. i am now looking for Mrs. Right  Nod

so is anyone else still single?

 on: June 30, 2015, 12:14:17 pm 
Started by sophie-gilmore - Last post by talkingfriend
I don't think I have. I can't remember. I have gone fishing with people, but they did all the work.

HYE travelled in the air - without an aeroplane (skydive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, paragliding, helicopter...)

 on: June 30, 2015, 12:01:26 pm 
Started by Heidi - Last post by talkingfriend
^^Angela - i am very honoured to be mentioned in your sig by the way.

i think i will have to rewatch on netflix  (my dvds are at my parents') and start discussing episodes again.
did I tell you that my flatmates at uni had not seen Gilmore Girls. so i told them i would convert them into fans. One of them was really sceptical of it at first. We had GG marathons in our flat and everyone ended up loving the show.

 on: June 30, 2015, 11:56:39 am 
Started by Kukalaka - Last post by talkingfriend
Yay SPREES are back. Sadly there are no spoilers, to not look at.

News. My sister is getting married This Saturday.

I saw the pics on Facebook. You seem to have had a great time. And your kids looked so cute too  Smiley

 on: June 30, 2015, 11:53:21 am 
Started by Copperboom! - Last post by talkingfriend
How would you like it to be honoured? A movie? A new season? A mini season?

This is so tough. I definitely wanted a movie or something at the time. i remember making cool Season 8 photographs with my cat - annoying her tremendously, to get my message across.

Now I am not so sure. So, let's make a list:

I get to see new GG content!!!
I might get a more satisfying ending - not just a rushed episode with unanswered questions

It might feel fake, i mean like forced, because it's a bit late now (then again if it's the original cast and writers it must be good, right?)
It might change the way I feel about GG - what if i don't like it?

weird, before writing this message i had the feeling the cons were stronger, but i think the first pro kind of makes up for all cons.
Just my two cents  Two Cents
oh my god..just discovered all those other emojis, i had forgotten about, when you click on *more*

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