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31  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: We are the SPREES! - The Spoiler Free Thread on: January 01, 2008, 07:38:40 pm
Happy New Years Sprees! I've missed you all so much and I wish you a happy 2008! (Hooray for only one more year till graduation!!)

I've hardly got the energy to stay caught up here anymore, but if I haven't talked to you in a while, send a PM my way! I'd love to catch up!
32  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: We are the SPREES! - The Spoiler Free Thread on: October 31, 2007, 12:16:26 am
Hmm. It's been forever, but I popped in and I just had to comment.

About scrubs. Typically, in a hospital, the scrubs aren't owned by the wearer, but by the hospital its self. They are convenient because it adds a uniformity to everyone (usually each section of work will have different colors, yet they all match- sorta neat fact, the reason for the colors is that back a way long time ago when doctors wore white, they said that during surgeries the mix between the harsh light and the red blood stains on white clothing, it wasn't always very appealing to the eye.) At the beginning of the day, all scrubs have been washed by hospital staff so they are sterile (the main reason why surgeons don't own their scrubs is issues w/ home laundry and how clean they actually get) and before each surgery or anything, they are to change scrubs so to keep clean. So it's not really that they HAVE to wear them, it's just like how it goes (like mechanics that work for a shop all have the same jumpers.)
As for everyone else, the wearing of scrubs just kinda spread.

And as for volunteering in the hospital, I'd LOVE to get the chance to do that and actually get to interact with the patients. It'd be so much more of a learning experience than filing papers or answering phones. It's like being a pre-intern! I'd love it! haha.

Okay, I'm done talking now.
It's nice to see you're all still around!
33  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: For the Younger Fans- The Kiddies; The Kids; The Future. on: August 16, 2007, 04:09:08 pm
we never called her a lier. we called her a liar.

Lier- "One who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment."
Liar- "a person who tells lies."

just thought I'd point that out.

Anyway, I'm done here now.
I had other things to say, including backbones, minds and flakes but it slipped my mind.
So, have a very nice life kiddies!
34  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: A Gilmore Revisiting - The Viewing Party (Bringing Tuesdays Back) on: August 07, 2007, 11:26:48 pm
This is such a fun idea! I'm definitely in! I was thinking about doing this since watching the finale, but never got around to it. It's good that it's starting now, too. Since it's basically after summer (or at the end of summer for those lucky ones) I'll try to stay as caught up as I can with the schedule as I can, though with work and stuff, I might have to put it off. It's all good though, we'll have a week to discuss. Plus, it'll just be interesting to see what everyone thinks.. I wasn't around at the beginning of the series (nor was anyone else, I don't think) so we never really got to discuss in depth what we thought! It'll be fun!
Thanks for starting this Caryn!
And if I can make a suggestion, maybe include the "winter" hiatus (December/January) and atleast part of summers. Just because with so many of us in school (or am I just assuming?) we'll have finals and what not, and just for everyone, those times seem to be busy. Just a thought!
Thanks again!
35  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: We are the SPREES! - The Spoiler Free Thread on: August 07, 2007, 11:15:51 pm
Steph! Heyy girly! You're story sounds great! How long is it going to be, do you know?
Um. let's see.. how to explain? how to exlpain..? I guess an upper-classman is just a term used for those in the "upper" part of high school. Juniors and Seniors (11th and 12th grade).

Lexy, heyy there. Sorry with the sleep issues. It happened to me alot, though lately I've been running myself thin so I'm sleeping so much better now. It's probably not the case with you, since you're into the athletics and stuff, but I think with me it's when I don't use enough energy. If it continues really bad once school starts, you might want to see a doctor. It can be a pain in the arse to have to deal with no sleep on school days. Which reminds me, when do you start? You excited to be a high schooler?

And Hey Elizabeth! Hope you had fun on vacation!
I'm not Lexy, but I think I might be able to answer. I know around here there have been more and more commercials for Requip which is supposedly supposed to calm it. But basically, it is said to be like.. this really weird (I'm not sure if it's uncomfortable or not?) urge or feeling in mainly your legs and you feel like you HAVE to move your legs, you can't keep them still. Which, in turn, at night keeps you up. Usually, the person feels the "symptoms" at night, but others, worse cases, can get them during the day. If it's really bad, you'll get these really weird spasms where your leg just keeps bopping and shaking.

Hah, I read alot about it way back when. It's kinda interesting, but really seems like it would suck.

As for me now, well, just got home from work and am eating my take-out dinner all by my lonesome at 11:15 at night. I haven't really been hungry lately and usually I don't eat much (usually I get busy and forget or just keep putting it off till I get hungry, which doesn't happen) but I figured with work and all, I needed the extra calories. I'm so tired, it's been a very long day and I've got a big project that I have to start and finish tomorrow. Haha.
I can't wait till the weekend!
36  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: We are the SPREES! - The Spoiler Free Thread on: August 06, 2007, 12:28:01 am
It is with great dread that I write that tomorrow I start school again.
While I've looked forward to finally being an upperclassman (yay!), It is now nearly 12:30 and I haven't finished my homework yet. (ugh, whose ever heard of homework during the summer?) That's not exactly the best way to start off a year now, is it?

Anywho, sorry for the short and mostly random post. I think I'm going to try and come around tomorrow and reply to everyone. I still miss you guys so much!

Stay cool, stay safe, stay healthy!
37  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: We are the SPREES! - The Spoiler Free Thread on: July 29, 2007, 10:54:12 pm
Hey Sprees!
Its been ages and I'd be fooling myself if I even said I'll have time to catch up later because to be honest, no way it's happening.
I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm still alive and kicking, though completely busy.
School starts next Monday and I have yet to finish my summer project. I'm working 22 hours next week (which is a step up from the 12 I worked this week and the 18ish I just got paid for..) but it'll definitely be the last time that'll happen, atleast for a while. It's definitely not a hard job, but it is hard to work for 8 hours, just because it's so mindless and so boring. I work till 11:30 at night tomorrow too, which I'm sure I'll regret. Um, I'm also house sitting, making frequent trips to Tucson (which is about 2 hours from here) to help set house for my sister (yard work, painting, cleaning & w/e else) who is moving in soon.

And that's about it!
I miss you guys so much, I wish I could go back to when I had no life aside from posting here. But I'm also happy, so that's good too.

I'll try and check in more often, but definitely not making promises.
Just take care and stay awesome!
38  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: 2nd Annual Awards - Questions and Results on: July 25, 2007, 10:36:48 pm
Wow guys! Congrats to everyone who won and everyone who was nominated! You all deserve it so much!

I want to thank everyone who nominated me and voted for me.
I am actually surprised, I was up against some pretty random people and I've been a bad member lately. I haven't posted in ages and when I did, it was barely anything. I'm surprised you guys even remember who I am. Smiley
But I am really grateful to have stumbled upon this place and made the friends I did. You guys are all the greatest, kindest, most helpful people there are and with out you, there are many things I would not have made it through!
So thank you.

And again, congrats!

Thank you Mela and Melissa for another great year for ORG awards! Thanks for all the time and effort you all put into it! Smiley
39  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Lorelai Gilmore / Lauren Graham Appreciation on: July 05, 2007, 12:31:39 am
How much is she winning by now?

Here are the results as of a few minutes ago.  Smiley
Sally Field - 18.0%

Edie Falco - 8.6%

Kyra Sedgwick - 8.5%

Lauren Graham - 58.0%

Mariska Hargitay - 6.8%

Woo hoo!  Go Lauren!  Celebrate

Seriously?! When I voted, she was loosing by a long shot! At least, if I'm thinking about the same thing you're talking about. If so, totally cool, totally awesome! She definitely deserves it!
40 / Announcements / Re: Heidi's Soapbox: News, Opinions, and Things You Never Wanted to Know on: June 25, 2007, 10:21:27 pm
Holy cow-a-bun-ga! I wanna see it!
She looks kinda crazy, but I'm loving the bright pink lip stick.
If I were to judge the "book" by it's "cover", I'd be totally hooked already! LOL.
41  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Lorelai Gilmore / Lauren Graham Appreciation on: June 25, 2007, 10:18:13 pm
Ah yes, that was a pretty good Seinfeld episode. I remember seeing it before Gilmore Girls and later when I realized they were the same person I was kinda shocked. From what I remember, I feel like they didn't even sound the same. Though, I was SO young when I first saw it.. and haven't really seen it in a while either.. I wish I would've caught it, but hah, I guess that's what I get for trying to busy myself during summer vacation.

As for the Lauren being on Conan a few nights back, I was Mighty happy that she was up first. I feel like she got a little bit more time.
I love it when she's laughing so hard at her own joke that she can barely keep going. Plus, she looked adorable (as always)!
42  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Forum Member Photos on: June 21, 2007, 04:06:12 am
Aw, Melissa! That's so cute!
You went to homecoming together and NOW you're having his Little Luke!
Very lovely!
I like 'em! You look happy!
43 / Announcements / Re: Heidi's Soapbox: News, Opinions, and Things You Never Wanted to Know on: June 20, 2007, 10:55:38 am
I'm not gonna lie, I chose the person from my favorite show up there (not that I'm a huge fan or anything) because I've only heard of like.. 2 of them. (and if you didn't put the show name with the person, I probably wouldn't have heard of any of them)

[but now that Mela put up pictures, I recognize all of them. weird.]
44  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Forum Member Photos on: June 18, 2007, 12:13:14 am
Marlies, I have a photo just like that of me on my phone! (I think I haven't deleted it yet.)
Maybe I'll share it one day. Smiley
Very great.
45  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Lorelai Gilmore / Lauren Graham Appreciation on: June 15, 2007, 01:04:00 am
Haha, I knew it was ONE of the late night show guys.. I just couldn't place the name!
Thanks for that!
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