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E-Mail of the Week, 03.02.03 ...

From: "Jewls68"
To: [email protected]
Subject: angery liberal, mad at GG
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:44:35 -0500

hi. I was reading some of the E-mails of the week and I felt compelled to write something. Viewers are offended by the liberal views on GG..well, you got your revenge. On last week's episode, Paris Geller had sex. The way it was portrayed was upsetting.

Paris is an 18 yr old honor student, who has dedicated her life to the persuit of higher education. She got a boyfriend, who she loves and has been with for (approx) 8 months. And they had(safe)sex. Isn't that the ideal way for a girl to loose their virginity? And her "punishment" for having sex, is not getting into Harvard. The implication that whenever someone has sex, their life is ruined (i.e. Lorelai had sex as a teen and got pregnant) is offensive. But I understand why they did it that way, and I will admit that it fit and was very funny (side note, Liza Weil has certainly made her mark, given that she was only ment to appear in 3 episodes, she has really out done any expectation. and I truly felt that she out did herself with last weeks episode. I just wanted to note that the issues I have with last week's episode are about the writing, not the acting).

But what really really upset me and caused my to write a comment that was made by Lorelai. Upon overhearing that Paris had sex, and her daughter was still a virgin, Lorelai was obvously very happy. She told Rory that she was taking her shopping-and I thought that was so cute and in charcter and believable. But as Rory walked off the screen, Lorelai made a comment that got me so angry..I'm still annoyed by it. She said "my daughter is the good one". Implying that Paris is the 'bad' one for having sex. Implying that anyone who has sex is 'bad'. While I can understand Lorelai making that statement, the rest of the episode only proved it. That having sex ruins your life. Are we supposed to come away with the idea that having sex as a teenager (because Lorelai has recklessly had sex as an adult(i.e. Chris on the balcony, Chris in the Inn, Max..), and there were no such consiquences) regardless of how cautious they are, not only ruins your life, but also makes you a bad person?

That is offensive.

I honestly hope that Amy Sherman-Palidino give the counter point of view soon, because lately she has been getting on my nerves. (for the Jess spin off..she has decided to change the already established past and its a change that makes a huge difference in Jess's charcter. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about and wants to, let me know).


---------------------------------'s response:

(Please remember that is a completely unofficial fansite. It is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros., Gilmore Girls, or anyone on the cast and crew.) would like to thank Jewls for taking the time to share her opinion with us and all other Gilmore Girls fans. However, due to time constraints we cannot fully respond to this e-mail. However, we do agree that Liza Weil has left her mark with the role of Paris. She has turned the once unlikable character into someone that the fans root for. Kudos.


Visitor feedback:

From: "flyinghorse50"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Replying to angry liberal, mad at gilmoregirls
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 17:05:42 -0600

Hi, I had to respond to the #2 email of the week.

I am also very liberal, but what Lorelai said did not offend or make me upset. Saying "I have the good one" is more justified coming from Lorelai than anyone else. Lorelai had sex and while she got lucky, she knows the consequences and whats the best for her daughter. It is incredibly hard to be a teen mom, as Lorelai knows. Not everyone is as lucky as Lorelai was.

Not getting into Harvard was not Paris' punishment, she just didn't get in. Things happen, life's tough, move on. Yea, I know she reallly wanted to go, but honestly, if she wasn't going to get in, it wouldn't matter if she had had sex or not. Being married before having sex is the ideal way, but what happened to Paris is probably the next best thing.

I also don't think that Lorelai meant that Paris is bad, only that Rory is responsible, smart (Not that Paris isn't) and she was glad Rory hadn't had sex. So no, she wasn't implying that Paris is bad, or anyone else for that matter, because Lorelai would be saying that she herself is bad.

Let it go, it sucks Paris didn't get in, but that comment was not meant to offend anyone.


From: "Jewls68"
To: [email protected]
Subject: responce to my responce..can I do that?
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 11:58:46 -0500

hi. ok, first of all, so cool that I was one of the E-mails of the week-this makes my day, relaly (which just goes to show you all how little I actully have in my life, lol). ok, but I wanted to adress some stuff that was said in a responce to my origional letter. (while I totally wish I knew what the awsome people at think about all this..)

I agree, what Lorelai said was completly justifiable as Lorelai-it was completly in charcter and from her point of view-accurate. What I was a little annoyed about was the way this episode only featured that point of view. I get that TV isn't there to teach people, trust me, I'm the first to defend the rights of shows like Jackass to people who think that if their children watch it, they will behaive like they do. It's up to parents and families to educate children, not TV. Unfortunatly, this isn't always the case in todays society, but that is a discussion for another time.

What I guess I'm trying to say, is where was the counter point? Sex doesn't always lead to something bad, and I just hope that the show can recognise that point of view as well as the one that has already been made: sex can lead to bad things. But thats just CAN. It doesn't have to.

I know that Paris wouldn't have gotten into Harvard regardless of her virginal statius, and as far as punishment..I didn't mean it as a literal thing. I ment it in a "cosmic" way or whatever. People who believe in karma, feel that you get back whatever enery you put out into the world. If you do a good are putting positive energy and therefore, it will come back to you in the form of something good. Likewise, if you do something are putting negitive energy into the world, and it will come back to you in the form of somethig bad. So given that principal...Paris has sex..she doesn't get into Harvard. It's implyed that Paris did a bad thing and was therefore karmicly punished. Now, regardless of how valid you believe this to be, it is undenyable that the implication of a some sort of universal balence was there.

Now, Lorelai's comment alone, I was ok with. As was I ok with the episode in general..but with these two things combined..the implication that anyone who engages in pre-marital sex is bad, was overwhelming. And I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. I'm not angry, I'm just..disapointed I guess. I have a stong feeling that Rory won't be having sex this season, but I do hope that Amy Sherman-Palidino gives an alternate view soon. "Thats all I'm tryin' to say.."


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