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E-Mail of the Week, 01.12.03 ...

From: "OneCrazyLady"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Move on. Enjoy Life.
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 23:24:16 -0500

After reading in the message boards about the outrage over Milo's new spin-off series, I have a few comments and observations that I wish to share.

1. To begin with, I don't understand how you people can get so wrapped up in a world that isn't real. Get some fresh air. Go outside. Enjoy the world around you. There are many beautiful things to be seen. For goodness sakes, go read a book. (And not a Gilmore Girls book.) Knowledge is power.

2. Gilmore Girls without Milo is like Charmed without Shannen Doherty. Life goes on and ratings will probably rise. Gilmore Girls was a success before Jess and it will continue to be one after he leaves Stars Hollow. His job as the resident bad boy has been filled. He came, shook things up, stole Rory's heart, and will probably break it on his way out. This is the basic formula for Television 101. It has been written a million times already. Stop crying.

3. As far as some of you cats feeling betrayed by ASP and WB for not letting fans in on their little spin-off secret, get over it. They needed to keep Jess around so that people would start to care about his character and in turn, the new show would take off. That's called MARKETING. Learn it. Use it. Try it.

I would like to end things with a quote from "Let the Games Begin."

Rory: I have to get to school.
Jess: Yeah, me too.
Rory: Bye.
Jess: Bye. Bye.
Lorelai: Bye.
Rory: Bye.
Lorelai: Bye.
Rory: Bye.
Luke: Bye.
Luke: What the hell was that?
Lorelai: That was episode one of Rory and Jess: The Early Years.

Rory and Jess ... The Early Years, The Only Years. Bye. Bye.

- Flo Masterson

---------------------------------'s response:

(Please remember that is a completely unofficial fansite. It is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros., Gilmore Girls, or anyone on the cast and crew.)

It has only been one day since the spinoff news was announced and the above letter is one of the many "colorful" e-mails that has received. We have been sent e-mails from all ends of the spinoff spectrum; both pro and con. This e-mail was choosen as the E-Mail of the Week for its "flavor and uniquness" (think Tammy Faye Bakker).

Remember, the views expressed in the E-Mails of the Week do not necessarily represent the views of; comments all belong to their respective owners.


Visitor feedback:

From: "PPolinario"
To: [email protected]
Subject: A spinoff im gonna have a smirnoff
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 02:09:07 EST

I don't like the idea of Milo having his own show it will ruin everything the spin-off screams pay attention to me I am better than the gilmore girls, (which by the way is not possible you need the west wing cast and producers, Oscar contenders and Oscar winners to conjure up a show to even compare to the gilmore girls) -- Its just like the "80s" the failed attempted spin-off series from the creators of that 70s show.

There is no way in hell, is he going be more successful than Lauren. Cause its not fair to look at a mediocre role such as jess and turn it into some show that will flop and gilmore girls audience will lose faith, and will also not have that professional look to it any more its to big a risk. I stand by what ASP does if the shows a hit so be, it but I will always stay loyal to the girls. 'Not in the corny spice girls personified way" more like stand by your man or, show for that matter.

From: "esprit_detoile"
To: [email protected]
Subject: e-mail of the week
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 23:13:13 -0500

I'm writing in response to the e-mail of the week for January 12, 2003. I'm one of those crazy, obsessed fans that is likely to cry when Rory and Jess break-up, but before you write me off as a loser who is living vicariously through a television show, let me just say that I think 45 minutes of Milo (excuse the alliteration, s'il vous plait) is great. We know so little about Jess, and giving him a show means insight into the mind of a really great character.

"Gilmore Girls" is one of those shows that can rope you in and pull you through a minefield of emotions. One minute you're laughing and the next you're crying. The kinda insight that Amy S-P is offering us is really great.

And as for Flo Masterson, you're telling us that we should not get so wrapped up in this world, but you're the one who was on a website devoted to "Gilmore Girls" in the first place. You're telling us to go read a book, when that is one of the things that "Gilmore Girls" inspires in young girls. It's for this reason that Alexis Bledel has associated herself with First Book, a wonderful foundation. I've even read books because I've seen them on Gilmore Girls. Oliver Twist, Howl, The Bell Jar, Franny and Zoe, Catcher in the Rye. I'm even doing a yearlong project on Dorothy Parker, because "Gilmore Girls" got me interested. And the intelligent scripts make the show an educational experience. I can almost hear you scoffing at this statement, but it's true.

From: "jshkedi"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Response to E-mail of the week, Jan. 12th
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 16:43:11 +0200

Well, this is obviously a bit late, but here is my comment anyway:

I consider myself to be quite a loyal GIlmore Girls fan. I do not get any more involved in the series than simply watching the episodes and visiting this site, but for example, when I learned that the third season is unfortunately not ging to be broadcast over here (Israel) I began downloading the new episodes on a weekly basis, even if it means a 7-9 hours download for every episode. Anyway, the point is, true, Gilmore Grils started without Jess, and it can probably continue good enough without him, but examine these few points about the subject:

1. At least for me, personally, since Jess started getting some more attention on this show, the show became quite a bit more interesting, greatly due to the fact that it has broken a certain pattern of happenings in the show that was starting to repeat itself - where in the past the only conflicts in the show were caused by Rory and Lorelai's relationship with her parents, now we have this kid breaking the perfect picture of Rory's existence - he's bringing out a bit of her rebellious side, and that's an important thing when you're dealing with a kid who does pretty much nothing else in her life than be perfect - studying hard, looking beautiful, having a charming boyfriend, etc.

2. It took almost a season and a half for the Rory & Jess thing to finally happen. After having been with Dean for 2 years, there's finally a turn for Rory, one which the writers could have done much earlier but they didn't, because Gilmore Girls writers have a way of for some reason prolonging processes way further than they should. And you have to understand that a lot of viewers who were waiting for a very long time for the Rory & Jess thing to happen, were very happy when it did, and are therefore now very diappointed, because after a very long wait, they get it only for a really short while.

3. A lot of viewers might be concerned about Gilmore Girls "selling out", meaning that the writers are trying to take advantage of the success of this show, that started as something small and turned into a total hit. "Selling out" could mean a lot of things, and one of them is making a spin-off to try and recreate the success of the show, to make more money. And there a re plenty of examples for cases in which creators of good things tried to manipulate their own product's popularity in order to make even more money, and the quality of that product was ruined (Metallica after the Black Album, Cradle of Filth after Cruelty and The Beast, Buffy the Vampire Slayer after season 3, etc.). Another aspect of this could be that the writers would invest too much effort in making the new show work, and the new show will be great while the "old" one is going to be forsaken and turn into a cheap teen-soap. It can happen, and it might. Take for example the Angel spinoff on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. When it was created Angel instantly became the better show, and Buffy became so lame it was ridicilous, and here, at the end of this season Buffy is finally going off the screen, and Angel is not.

Hope these arguements were interesting enough for whoerver was reading them.

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