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E-Mail of the Week, 11.24.02 ...

From: "guava721"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Howdy
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 16:09:26 -0500

Howdy. Hmmmm. How can I start. Well, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but Gilmore Girls is the best show in the world. You must know that is not an exaggeration.

My best friend and I were at a party. Luckily we brought a few CD's of our own. Among them was the Gilmore Girls soundtrack, of course. We just sat in the kitchen listening to it. We made our own party. We also made scenarios. Some like: "If you had to lose your right arm, or never see Gilmore Girls again, which would you choose?" However, I have to admit, if that highly, unlikely case ever went into affect, I would choose my right arm. I hope your not offended. Please don't think we have no life. We do.

But. . . It's Gilmore Girls. Now I just embarrassed myself. I'm turning red. Well, Tootuloo.

Not just a fan,
Emily, New York City

P.S. Although I say "Howdy", I'm not from the mid-west. I just like to um. . . say it. Okay, here comes the redness again.

P.P.S. I realize this email doesn't make any sense, but I would like a response, any response.

---------------------------------'s response:

(Please remember that is a completely unofficial fansite. It is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros., Gilmore Girls, or anyone on the cast and crew.)

These are the types of e-mails that loves to receive. We enjoy hearing about big fans, such as Emily, who thoroughly support the show.

And Emily, we find it very understandable that you'd chose to keep your right arm in the event of a choice between your arm and watching Gilmore Girls. As much as Lorelai and Rory love to watch television and movies, they would certainly forego watching a show if they could avoid physical pain.

Basically, you've just further proven what a Gilmore fan you are.

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