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Transcript: The Deer-Hunters ...

Written by: Jed Seidel
Directed by: Alan Myerson


[Independence Inn kitchen]

RORY: Oh my God Iím going to Chilton?!

LORELAI: You did it babe, you got it.

[Stars Hollow High, Lane and Rory walking]

LANE: So I told my mom youíre changing schools.

RORY: Was she thrilled?

LANE: The partyís on Friday.

[Dean and Rory in hallway]

DEAN: Are you moving?

RORY: No just my books are.

[Outside Headmaster Charlestonís office]


RORY: Yes.

SECRETARY: Headmaster Charleston will see you now.

CHARLESTON: You may have been the smartest girl at Stars Hollow, but this is a different place.

[Chilton hallway]

PARIS: Youíll never catch up. Youíll never beat me.

[Headmaster Charlestonís office]

CHARLESTON: Thereís a good chance you will fail.


TRISTAN: Whoís that?

BOY: New girl.

[at end of class]

PARIS: Stay outta my way. I will make this school a living hell for you.

TRISTAN: See you tomorrow Mary.

[In car with Lorelai]

RORY: They kept calling me Mary.

LORELAI: Mary, like ĎVirgin Maryí

RORY: Well what would they have called me if they thought I looked like a slut?

LORELAI: They might have added a ĎMagdaleneí to it.


LORELAI: Shopping for school supplies - party.

RORY: Nobody demanded that you come.

LORELAI: Are you kidding? How of ten do you get to do things like this? I was thinking, while weíre going crazy, we should get some toilet paper and a plunger next.

RORY: Iíll just do this later.

LORELAI: No, Iím teasing. Come on, get that list of your.

RORY: Ok [puts out a list] I need legal pads,

LORELAI: Got it.

RORY: Tons of pens,


RORY: Some number 2 pencils, three highlighters, an eraser a staple remover and a folder.

LORELAI: You need 3 highlighters?

RORY: Yes.


RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: Thatís a very random number.

RORY: Three is not a random number.

LORELAI: No but I mean how did you get to the number 3?

RORY: One dries up, one gets lost, I have one left.

LORELAI: You have really thought this out.

RORY: Yes, I have.

LORELAI: What came first - the chicken or the egg.

RORY: Can we get back to this list please.

LORELAI: Alright. Ooh, hey, legal pads.

RORY: No. Those are purple.

LORELAI: Yes, purple is festive.

RORY: I canít have purple

LORELAI: Yes you can, theyíre on sale.

RORY: Iím going to a serious school now, I need serious paper.

LORELAI: Paperís paper.

RORY: Not at Chilton.

LORELAI: Alright, fine. Here is your serious paper.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: Ooh and here are you somber highlighters, your maudlin pencils, your manic-depressive pens.


LORELAI: Now these erasers are on lithium so they may seem cheerful but we actually caught them trying to shove themselves in the pencil sharpener earlier.

RORY: Iím going home now.

LORELAI: No wait! Weíre going to stage an intervention with the neon post-its and make them give up their wacky crazy ways.

RORY: Youíre never coming shopping with me again.

LORELAI: Ooh hereís a card tray - [fades into intro]


[Rory gets off the bus with bags, runs back into the bus for two more bags, then runs back into the bus a third time for another two.


MAX: Decent effort by most [handing back tests] Good effort by some, exceptional effort by two. Miss Geller, Miss Grant. Ms. Graham. Miss Gilmore [ hands Rory her paper with a ĎDí] Take these home, learn from your mistakes. Look at the large red circles around various parts of your paper as friendly reminders that to err is human. And that here at Chilton we try to beat that humanity right outta ya! Ok, next up. The test - the dreaded test. Shakespeare! The man weíve been droning on about for the last three weeks, finally comes back to haunt us on Friday. This is a big one my friends - multiple choice with an essay section that will count for 20% of your grade for this semester. And donít be fooled by my kind face and charming personality. This test will be hard, and there will be no makeups. [bell rings] Refer to the study materials that I gave you at the beginning of the month and those extensive notes I know youíve been taking.

PARIS: Hard paper.

LOUISE: Killer.

PARIS: Howíd you do?


PARIS: Me too.

LOUISE: Oh small world.

PARIS: Isnít it? Madeline whatíd you get?

MADELINE: You know I got a ĎBí

PARIS: A ĎBís not bad.

LOUISE: Oh not at all.

PARIS: Respectable even

LOUISE: Iíd be proud.

PARIS: A ĎDí however, that would be cause for concern.

LOUISE: A cry for help.

PARIS: A job application at McDonaldís.

LOUISE: Would you like fries with that?

PARIS: Hey, you know, not everybody can be smart. As my mother always says, somebody has to answer the phones.

MADELINE: Ok, I have no idea what you two are talking about.

PARIS: No, but Rory does. [as the three go in another direction]

TRISTAN: Hey Mary.

RORY: And it just keeps getting better.

TRISTAN: Oh you look sad.

RORY: Iím fine.

TRISTAN: Bad grade?

RORY: I have to go.

TRISTAN: You know what Mary, [stopping her] see I canít figure out why weíre not friends. I think itís because I make you nervous.

RORY: I think itís because you canít learn my name.

TRISTAN: Do you have a boyfriend?

RORY: None of your business.

TRISTAN: Is that a Ďnoí?

RORY: Is there no one else at this school you can bother?

TRISTAN: See, I think you like me, you just donít know how to say it.

RORY: Oh boy.

TRISTAN: What are you doing Friday night?

RORY: Iím busy.

TRISTAN: What, you gotta be back at the convent by 5.

RORY: Please leave me alone.

TRISTAN: Well...since you said please [steps aside] Later...Mary.


[Drella runs her harp into Michel.]

MICHEL: Aah! You imbecil!!

DRELLA: Back off chevalier.

MICHEL: Youíre stupid, blind and clumsy.

DRELLA: Well at least Iím not French.

LORELAI: Hey, whatís going on?

MICHEL: She ran over my shoe.

DRELLA: He got in the way.

MICHEL: You aimed for me.

DRELLA: Yeah well.

LORELAI: Ok, hold on.

MICHEL: She scratched my shoes.

DRELLA: What a baby.

MICHEL: These are $300 Italian loafers.

DRELLA: Wonder if Versace makes a pacifier.

MICHEL: Youíre fired.

LORELAI: Excuse me?

DRELLA: You canít fire me.

MICHEL: Then I dock your pay.

LORELAI: Alright.

MICHEL: Can I kill her.

LORELAI: Not before high tea.

MICHEL: Fine, then I will curse you constantly and in several languages.

DRELLA: Going for the other foot.

LORELAI: Oh no! Drella, to your corner now [Drella leaves]

MICHEL: I win.

LORELAI: Michel youíre a grown man, now go to your desk and act like one.

[Lorelai rifles through mail]

LORELAI: Oh my God! [goes to kitchen]

LORELAI: Sookie, Sookie.

SOOKIE: Ok, ok, just a minute.

LORELAI: Iíve got it.

SOOKIE: The review?

LORELAI: Itís here.

SOOKIE: Ooh, where it is?

LORELAI: Iím looking.

[Rory enters with tons of bags]

LORELAI: Oh, behold in theaters now, the thing that reads a lot

[Rory drops all the bags at once]

RORY: Chocolate?

SOOKIE: Glass measuring cup. Lorelai look, look.

LORELAI: Iím sorry.

RORY: Jeez, whoís naked?

LORELAI: Uh, Lucent Mills - food critic.

RORY: Yeah? Howís his butt?

LORELAI: Oh, no. Heís supposed to do a review of the restaurant - oh, here it is.

SOOKIE: Is it - its it good? Is he mean, should I cry?

LORELAI: Here we go. ĎThe words divine, delectable and delirious donít begin to describe the delicious experience of dining at the Independence Inn.í Oh Iím smelling rave!!

SOOKIE: Really?

LORELAI: ĎOnly chef Sookie St. James can make a simple salad of hot house tomatoes and assorted fresh herbs seem like a religious experience. Her lobster bisque is worth every sinful cream filled rich sipí

SOOKIE: See I donít use that much cream. I just use a very concentrated lobster stock and it really makes it -

LORELAI: Sookie, heís not here.

SOOKIE: Ok, go on.

LORELAI: ĎThe entrees are as heavenly as the starters. Though the much lauded risotto was perfectly fine, it was the simple handkerchief pasta with brown sage in a butter sauce that sent me through the roofí Sookie this is unbelievable! Iím going to have this framed for the dining room!

SOOKIE: Oh, yeah. Thatíd be swell. Can I see that again?

LORELAI: Yeah. So we should celebrate huh? [doing a little twisty dance step towards Rory] Girls on the town?

RORY: I canít. I have to study.

SOOKIE: You know I should really get started on this shopping list.

LORELAI: What is going on here? We are young and fiery women. Studying? Shopping lists? Whereís Ďto hell with it allí? Whereís ĎThrowing caution to the windí? Whereís - oh shoot - the linen delivery [leaves]

RORY: You go girl.


LORELAI: News is on.

RORY: One sec.

LORELAI: [to herself]For our top story tonight, a grisly horrible thing that happened in a small town where not grisly horrible things ever happen. Everyoneís shocked. House slides down hill. Liposuction kills, stay fat. [turns off tv] Hey letís get ice cream. Iím bored. [goes into kitchen where Rory is studying] Hello?

RORY: Mom, Iím studying.

LORELAI: Yeah, but Iím talking ice cream. Canít you take a break?

RORY: I canít take a break right now.

LORELAI: Ok, when?

RORY: Are you four?

LORELAI: No, Iím hungry!

RORY: Have some more pizza.

LORELAI: Itís cold.

RORY: Heat it up.

LORELAI: Itís not the same.

RORY: Lorelai go to your room!

LORELAI: Wow, smart girls are mean.

RORY: If you let me study now, Iíll play with you this weekend.

LORELAI: Promise.

RORY: Yes, we can do anything you want.

LORELAI: Will you go to the shoe sale with me.

RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: Will you let me try on anything I want.

RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: Will you help me push other people out of the way if theyíre going for my size?

RORY: Iíll even run interference for you.

LORELAI: Alright, youíve got a deal. [leaves kitchen]

RORY: Good.

LORELAI: [comes back in] So - Iím sorry - where did we land on the whole ice cream issue?

[Rory gets up and goes to her room]



[enters house]

RORY: Lane?!

LANE: Rory?!

RORY: Right or left?!

LANE: Left!

[Rory goes left]

RORY: I thought you said left!

LANE: Sorry - my left, your right!

RORY: Ok. Marco...

LANE: Polo!

RORY: MarcoÖ

LANE: Polo!

RORY: Hey Marco.

LANE: Hey Polo, youíre late.

RORY: Sorry. What is that?

LANE: 12 calories.

RORY: Here [gives her a snickers]

LANE: Oh my God bless you!

[Rory pulls out a big binder]

LANE: Man, whatís that?

RORY: My notes.

LANE: Really?

RORY: I donít think Shakespeare knew himself this well

WOMAN: Ooh, I like, how much?

MRS. KIM: $500

WOMAN: Is that the best you can do?

MRS. KIM: $450

WOMAN: Iím not so sure [turns to leave]

MRS. KIM: $375 and you take it right now.


MRS. KIM: We appreciate your business. [to girls] Move.

RORY: [as they pack up their books] I really miss Stars Hollow High.

LANE: Youíre kidding right?

RORY: No. Chiltonís just - I donít know, hard.

LANE: What do you care? You were always miss everything-so-easy-at-school. This should be a snap for you.

[They start to put their books down on a table]

MRS. KIM: No, this is sold. Move. Whatís that? [at snickers]

RORY: Oh, thatís mine.

MRS. KIM: That is chocolate covered death.

RORY: With a creamy caramel surprise.

[they move again]

LANE: Um, so this guy asked about you today.

RORY: What guy?

LANE: The new kid - tall, perfect.

RORY: Whatíd he want to know?

LANE: Where you were.

RORY: Well whatíd you say?

LANE: Oh I told him you were just too smart for us and that you had to go to the genius school.


LANE: He really like that. I guess he must be into brainy chicks.

RORY: Well Iíll keep my eyes open for one for him. [putting stuff down on another table]

MRS. KIM: No - sold.

LANE: Mom.

MRS. KIM: Move.

LANE: Well where do you want us to go?

MRS. KIM: Library.

LANE: I hate sales!!


[Drella is playing the harp]

LORELAI: No Black Sabbath.

DRELLA: No one is listening.

LORELAI: No Black Sabbath, no Steely Dan, no Boston and no Queen.

DRELLA: What happened to make you so cold?

LORELAI: We like that Mozart [heads towards the kitchen.]

DRELLA: I am the Artie Shaw of harpists.

[Lorelai enters kitchen]

LORELAI: Sookie, I need coffee to go.

SOOKIE: [holding her head in her hands] Thereís fresh over there.

LORELAI: Ooh, good. [picks up an empty pot] Fresh in my first lifetime as Joan of Arc.

SOOKIE: Oh sorry. I thought I made fresh. Here. [pours water]

LORELAI: Bless you. Iím so exhausted and I have to drive into Hartford tonight to go to a parent/teacher meeting.

SOOKIE: [sadly] Sounds great.

LORELAI: Yeah. This school is so different from Stars Hollow you know. They send home like a thousand pages of updates every week. Itís a very intense place.

SOOKIE: Uh - huh.

LORELAI: Last week there was a huge debate over whether plaid scrunchies were acceptable head wear. People took sides, things got ugly, the scrunchie motion finally passed and Iíd like to think I was the tie breaker.

SOOKIE: Thatís nice.

LORELAI: Hey, whatís the matter sweetie?

SOOKIE: He said it was fine.

LORELAI: Who said it was fine.

SOOKIE: Lucent Mills.

LORELAI: The restaurant critic.

SOOKIE: He said my risotto was fine.

LORELAI: Well isnít it?

SOOKIE: No itís not fine. Fine is a word you use when someone stops you on the street that you sort of know but you donít wanna talk to, so they ask you how you are and you say fine and thatís just enough so they donít have to keep talking because they donít want to. And then they can feel good about themselves because theyíve been considerate enough to ask and then if God forbid something actually is wrong theyíll actually sit down and take the time to listen, even though they donít want to.

LORELAI: Sweetie, I donít think he meant Ďfineí as a slam or as a monologue.

SOOKIE: He couldnít have meant it any other way.

LORELAI: Sookie, I hate to see you get so upset over one little review.

SOOKIE: This is pride Lorelai. I mean you know about this risotto. I mean on my motherís deathbed -

LORELAI: You made the risotto and she lived three more years.

SOOKIE: She was supposed to be dead. The doctor said she wouldnít make it through the night.

LORELAI: And she lived because of the risotto - the magic risotto.

SOOKIE: And this guy had the nerve to say it was Ďfineí

LORELAI: I donít think he knew the story.

SOOKIE: Urgh! [Jackson comes in]

JACKSON: Ok, now before you get all goofy on me, I donít have your prociniís. I forgot them. I donít have any other excuse other than plain old stupid human error. And I have the morels, which I know you donít want. So come on - let me have it.

SOOKIE: Morels are fine.

JACKSON: [putting box down] Did anyone else feel the shift in the space-time continuum?

LORELAI: A reviewer didnít like the risotto.

JACKSON: The magic risotto? Youíre kidding.

LORELAI: Well, I gotta go, so try and cheer her up would you?

JACKSON: Uh sure.

LORELAI: [to Sookie] Sweetie please donít worry about it. Everyone knows youíre the best.

JACKSON: So, I hear the huckleberry crops are gonna totally suck this year!

[Sookie just looks at him.]


MAX: We are gonna be focusing on Elizabethan literature. Shakespeare, Marlowe, Bacon, Ben Jonson, John Webster -

DAD #1: Yeah, is Marlowe really that significant?

MAX: Well we wanna give as complete an overview as possible.

MOM #1: Yes but will he be included on the Advance Placement test?

MAX: Well we canít know exactly what will be on the AP test, but it will definitely be important for future studies when your kids hit their universities.

DAD #1: But to get there, they need to pass the AP test.

MAX: Right, well itís all important and it could all be on the test.

MOM #2: How do we find out?

MAX: Well you can bribe somebody on the AP committee [parents start to discuss amongst themselves]

MAX: I was just kidding. Iím just kidding.

[Lorelai enters]

LORELAI: Iím so sorry. I had this terrible pot hole incident. And - you donít care. Please go on. [walks into globe]

MAX: Whoa, whoa.

LORELAI: What in the world? [attempt at a joke that no one laughs at]

MAX: You ok?

LORELAI: Uh huh. Iíll just sit now.

MAX: I donít think weíve met.

LORELAI: Oh, Iím Lorelai Gilmore - Roryís mom.

MAX: Glad you could join us. [to parents] Rory is one of our new students.

MOM #1: How nice. Now the AP test -

MAX: Right well, we are preparing them as best we can [Lorelai serving herself some coffee]

MOM: Iíve hired a tutor for Bethany.

MAX: Always a valid option.

LORELAI: Mmm. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a camel [whispers] This is really bad coffee. [louder] So this AP test, what are we going to do about it huh?

MAX: Well the next test is scheduled for next month, um, the 25th, Saturday at 7:00 am. [Lorelai raises her hand] Ms. Gilmore?

LORELAI: Uh, where is the test?

MAX: It will be given here.


MAX: Right.


MAX: Great, any other questions?

LORELAI: Yeah, um, can parents come?

MOM #1: What?!

LORELAI: Yeah, itís a big exciting test. I just thought - Iím sorry is that stupid?

MAX: No itís not stupid.

LORELAI: I just thought Iíd like to see the excitement.

DAD #2: Itís a test.

LORELAI: Yeah I know.

DAD #2: Whatís exciting about a test?

LORELAI: Do you play golf?

DAD #2: Yes I do.

LORELAI: You explain yours, Iíll explain mine.

MAX: Ok, why donít we get back to the meeting.

MOM #1 [to Mom #2] Thatís the one who voted for the scrunchies.

MOM #2: Must be a scholarship student.

LORELAI: Um excuse me -

MAX: You know, I think this would be a good time for a break. Thereís coffee in the back.

[Lorelai stand up by the black board]

MAX: What were you gonna do - hit her?

LORELAI: No, I just - I had some good verbal comebacks ready.

[sips coffee]

LORELAI: It - it just keeps getting worse.

MAX: Well you know not drinking it is always an option.

LORELAI: Not in my world.

MAX: Iím Max Medina.

LORELAI: Nice to meet you.

MAX: I apologize for the behaviors of some of our guests tonight. Itís a tense time for some people.

LORELAI: The SAT season?

MAX: The waking hours. [Lorelai giggles]

LORELAI: Hey, are you this nice to my kid?

MAX: Yeah, itís easy. Roryís a sweet girl.

LORELAI: Yeah she is, she is.

MAX: [pulling her aside] How is she liking Chilton?

LORELAI: Oh, she loves it.

MAX: Really?

LORELAI: Oh yeah. I mean itís an adjustment of course, but sheís always wanted to go to Harvard and this is how sheíll get there.

MAX: Harvard?

LORELAI: Yeah. Ever since she could crawl, Iíve really wanted her to go there.

MAX: Itís a great school.

LORELAI: I actually bought her a Harvard sweatshirt when she was 4, which of course was way too big for her, so she used it as a blanket for a while and then as a make shift diaper on this really ill-fated shopping trip and now Iíve told you a story that would so mortify her, sheíll kill me when she finds out you know.

MAX: Donít tell her then. Itíll be our secret.

LORELAI: Well I appreciate that.

MAX: So are you a B-52ís girl?

LORELAI: What? [looks at her shirt and giggles] No, Iím a klutz girl who should not drive with a coffee in her hand. I, uh, had it in the car.

MAX: You know I hope Rory adjust to this place. We need her here.

LORELAI: Thank you. Thatís so nice.

MAX: And I hope sheís not too disappointed about her paper. Because itís very hard to catch up on all that reading material. I know a ĎDí seems pretty dismal -

LORELAI: Rory got a ĎDí?

MAX: Yeah, but -

LORELAI: Sheís never gotten a ĎDí.

MAX: Itís the first paper sheís had to turn in, sheís bound to falter a little.

LORELAI: Oh man, this totally explains the Ďno ice creamí thing. God Iím such and idiot!

MAX: The ice cream thing?

LORELAI: Look, I-Iíve gotta go.

MAX: Well Iím sorry if Iíve said something to offend you.

LORELAI: Oh no-no-no-no. Itís just that if Rory got a ĎDí, sheís not feeling too good right now and Iíd really like to be there.

MAX: I understand.

LORELAI: So, it was nice meeting you.

MAX: You too.

LORELAI: Um, keep up the good work.

MAX: I will.

LORELAI: Donít ever make coffee ever again.

MAX: I wonít I promise. Oh - [Lorelai almost walks into globe again.]

LORELAI: Oh, ha ha ha. Thanks. [grabs purse] Bye.

MAX: Bye.


[Roryís sitting at a table, tries to write but the tip of her pencil breaks. She throws it in frustration.]

LUKE: Here.

RORY: Whatís that?

LUKE: You look like you need pie.

RORY: I do?

LUKE: Violent pencil tossing usually signals the need for pie.

RORY: What if Iíd thrown a pen?

LUKE: I wouldíve brought you a trout.

RORY: What?

LUKE: I donít make the rules, I just carry them out.

[Lorelai comes in]

LORELAI: Hey, Backwards baseball hat - new look for you. [looks at Rory] Sheís eating pie? Did she even have dinner?

LUKE: You raised her, I just serve.

[Lorelai goes and sits with Rory]

LORELAI: Oh hello, bookworm.

RORY: Finally, where were you?

LORELAI: Well, um, actually I was in Hartford.

RORY: Why?

LORELAI: I was there for the... [signals Rory to finish the sentence]

RORY: Parent/teacher meeting. Oh, my God. I forgot.

LORELAI: It went very well. I was extremely charming. I won the whole crowd over. They made me queen.

RORY: So I guess you talked to Mr. Medina.

LORELAI: Mm-hm. Why did you let me whine about ice cream and shoe sales when you had something major going on?

RORY: I know.

LORELAI: I hate when Iím an idiot and I donít even know it. I like to be aware of my idiocy - to really revel in it, take pictures. I feel we missed a prime Christmas card opportunity.

RORY: Iím sorry.

LORELAI: You shouldíve told me.

RORY: I couldnít.

LORELAI: You couldnít tell me? You tell me everything.

RORY: It was too humiliating.

LORELAI: Oh, honey, you once told me that you loved ĎSaved by the Bellí. What could be more humiliating than that.?

RORY: I couldnít form the words. I couldnít even say it. I couldnít even comprehend it. It wasÖa ĎDí. I got a ĎDí, Iíve never gotten a ĎDí - ever.

LORELAI: I know.

RORY: Even when I broke my arm and couldnít write for a month, I still got an ĎA-Ď

LORELAI: That was a different school.

RORY: I know. It was Stars Hollow High. A ĎDí at Stars Hollow is like an ĎFí at Chilton. Itís worse, itís like a ĎGí or a ĎWí.

LORELAI: So Iím guessing the spelling test didnít go well either?

RORY: A ĎDí. I suck.

LORELAI: You donít suck.

RORY: I canít do this.

LORELAI: Listen, a ĎDí is bad, ok. But all this talk about ĎI suckí and ĎI canít do thisí and self pity - thatís worse. Thatís not you. You didnít feel sorry for yourself when it took you three months to learn how to ride a bike, and you wonít now.

RORY: Four months.


RORY: It took me four months

LORELAI: Really? Four months?

RORY: Yeah, you wanna belabor the conversation?

LORELAI: Alright, forget about the bike. Listen, a ĎDí is one grade. Itís not the end of the world. Youíll catch up, youíll do better. You are of hardy stubborn stock, my dear. If thereís one thing I gave you, itís my stubbornness.

RORY: Iím not stubborn.

LORELAI: Yes you are.

RORY: No Iím not.

LORELAI: Fine youíre not.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: Youíre welcome. You can do this Rory and I will help you. I will get you through this, now put that ĎDí behind you. Now whatís next?

RORY: I have a test on Friday.

LORELAI: Ooh a test! Great!

RORY: Itís on Shakespeare.

LORELAI: Bard with a beard - love it!

RORY: Itís worth 20% of my grade.

LORELAI: Just makes life interesting. Now what do we have to do to get you an ĎAí on that test.

RORY: Do you really think I can do this?

LORELAI: I bet you a dollar.

RORY: Thatís it? Thatís all my futureís worth - one dollar.

LORELAI: Well you did get a ĎDí.

[Rory chuckles]


[Rory is sitting on a bench reading. Paris comes up behind her]

PARIS: ĎLet me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments, love is not love which alters when it alterations finds or bends with the remover to remove - oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark who worthís unknown although his height be takení Youíre going down.


LORELAI: Hey, Sookie, do you know what the menuís gonna be - [ Sookie shoves risotto into her mouth]



SOOKIE: Wait, I got another one [shoves more into Lorelaiís mouth.] Better?

LORELAI: Hotter!

SOOKIE: Wait, I got one more - one more [shoves more into her mouth again]

LORELAI: Sookie! Whatís with all the risotto? Have we gone Ďthemeí now? Ooh, is it gonna be like the scotch tape store?

SOOKIE: Look, Iíve made 40 recipes, ok, 40. And every single time I come back to the same conclusion.

LORELAI: That youíre is better?



[Waiter, Brian, comes into the kitchen.]

BRIAN: You were looking for me?

SOOKIE: Yes, great! Three weeks ago, guy comes in, Lucent Mills, orders the risotto, doesnít like it.

BRIAN: The magic risotto? Youíre kidding.

LORELAI: Not helping.

SOOKIE: Heís a restaurant critic. He ordered lots of things - probably didnít finish them. Now in his review he said his waiter had a goatee. Now youíve got a goatee, and so you waited on him and I need info.

BRIAN: Well what did he look like?

SOOKIE: Like heís unhappy with the risotto! Or maybe he had an annoying table companion with him that wouldnít let him concentrate on what he was eating.

BRIAN: Well I serve a lot of people.

SOOKIE: He had a beard, or false teeth, or wig, or those glasses with a big nose.

BRIAN: [to Lorelai] May I be fired now?

LORELAI: Absolutely. [Brian leaves, Sookie follows]

SOOKIE: What about a guy with an annoying companion and a fake wig who was sitting underneath an air conditioning vent next to a woman with too much perfume on?!?


LORELAI: ĎThe Comedy of Errorsí - written?

RORY: 1590

LORELAI: Published?

RORY: 1698

LORELAI: Ooh 1623 - close

RORY: How is 1623 close?

LORELAI: You got the Ď16í part right.

RORY: I was off by 75 years

LORELAI: Well anything under 100 years is close.

RORY: What kind of rule is that?

LORELAI: Iím running the study session here. Ok. Richard III?

RORY: 1591

LORELAI: [Makes buzzer sound]

RORY: í93?

LORELAI: [Makes buzzer sound]

RORY: í96?

LORELAI: [Makes buzzer sound]

RORY: Ok, thatís getting really annoying now

LORELAI: [Makes small buzzer sound]

[Pan to later the save evening]

[Lorelai comes into living room with coffee]

LORELAI: Go on, Iím listening.

RORY: The sonnets are 154 poems of 14 lines

LORELAI: Except?

RORY: Except for 126 which is 12 lines.


RORY: They are written in iambic pentameter.

LORELAI: Except?

RORY: Except 145 which is in tetrameter.

LORELAI: Rock on sister.

RORY: Really?

LORELAI: Not one mistake.

RORY: Wow.

LORELAI: How do you feel?

RORY: Nauseous.

LORELAI: Yeah well, I donít think the fries and the horseradish sauce was the best idea we ever had.

RORY: It was satisfying in the moment though

LORELAI: I think youíre going to blow that class away tomorrow.

RORY: You think?

LORELAI: I think. What do you say we call it a night and get some beauty sleep?

RORY: You go, I wanna review my notes one more time.

LORELAI: Oh thatís ok, Iíll stay up.

RORY: [ as she goes into the kitchen] Mom, go to sleep.

LORELAI: No, Iím not even tired. I was just thinking of you.

[Pan to later that night, Rory goes into the living room and finds Lorelai asleep on the couch. She covers her with a blanket and goes back to the kitchen. Later that night, Lorelai wakes up and goes into the kitchen to find Rory asleep at the table. She sits down and puts the blanket around Rory as well and falls asleep as well.]

[Pan to morning]

RORY: No! Oh no! [Rory runs into her room]

LORELAI: Oh jeez [lifting her head] Such a bad sleeping idea.

RORY: Iím late!


RORY: Iím late, Iím late. I woke up late!

LORELAI: Rory calm down.

RORY: I canít calm down! I missed my bus! Get up.

LORELAI: Sweetie, mommy canít get up right now. Mommyís been sleeping at a right angle all night.

RORY: Iím gonna miss the test! [comes out with her uniform over her t-shirt and jogging pants, putting on her shoes]

LORELAI: No youíre not [Shoves a binder into Roryís school bag and give it to her] Iíll get the keys. Weíll go right now. Letís go! Letís go! [grabs her purse] Oh!! I canít take you!

RORY: You have to!

LORELAI: I have a meeting at the inn at 8!

RORY: Mom!

LORELAI: Ok, wait. Ok. Think, listen. Here, you drive.

RORY: What?!

LORELAI: Yeah, you drive. Iíll get a ride with Sookie. Take the phone, take the keys, go!

RORY: Are you sure?

LORELAI: Go, go, go, go!!

RORY: Iím gone!

LORELAI: Good luck!!


[She stops at a stop sign and calls Lane whoís listening to music]

LANE: Hello?

RORY: Did I leave a set of my notes at your house yesterday?

LANE: Where are you?

RORY: Iím driving to school. I need to check something and I canít find some of my notes.

LANE: Ok, hold on let me check [comes out of her closet and looks around her room] I donít see anything.

RORY: What did I do with them?

LANE: Well, maybe itís downstairs in the store?

RORY: Maybe I just - [loud bang and car moved]

RORY: Oh my God!

LANE: Are you alright?

RORY: I just got hit by a deer.

LANE: You hit a deer?

RORY: No! I got hit by a deer!

LANE: How do you get hit by a deer?

RORY: I was at a stop sign and he just hit me! Oh my God! [Getting out to look for deer]

LANE: Was it a 4-way stop?

RORY: What does that matter?

LANE: I donít know. I donít know what to ask after youíve been hit by a deer.

RORY: I donít see him.

LANE: Well put salt down. Deers love salt.

RORY: Where am I gonna get salt from?

LANE: Do you have a lunch?

RORY: Lane?

LANE: Sorry.

RORY: I donít see him any where. [as she tries to take off her jogging pants] What if heís hurt.

LANE: Rory your test

RORY: What time is it?

LANE: Itís 7:40

RORY: No! [runs back to the car with one pant leg on, one off.]


[Roryís running down the hall pulling her socks up, taking out her ponytail ad tucking in her shirt]

[Enters classroom]

RORY: Iím sorry.

MAX: Everyone back to your tests. Miss Gilmore youíre gonna have to wait in the library.

RORY: But what about the test?

MAX: Iím afraid youíve missed the test.


MAX: We start class promptly at 8:05


MAX: Thatís when I need people to be in their seats.

RORY: Please.

MAX: Iím sorry but itís the rules.

RORY: But you donít understand! I was up all night studying and then I missed my bus so I had to drive--

MAX: Letís discuss this outside.

RORY: So Iím driving down this road and I stop and I get hit by a deer.

MAX: You hit a deer?

RORY: No I got hit by a deer. You donít believe me? Iíve got antler prints on the side of my motherís car.

MAX: Rory, come on.

RORY: No! You have to let me take this test. Iím ready for this test. I know everything there is to know about Shakespeare.

MAX: Ok, ok, you have to calm down now.

RORY: I know his birthday and his mothers name and that kind of -

PARIS: [whispers to Louise] Loser.

RORY: [turning around to her] And just what is wrong with you huh?! You already have everything! You already have the grades and the status. What the hell is wrong with you that you have this constant need to be the biggest jerk in the entire world?!

MAX: Ok, letís go.

RORY: Huh?! Whatís ?! Whatís up quippy?! Why so silent?

MAX: Outside - now

[walks by Tristan whoís smiling]

RORY: And for the last time - the nameís RORY!

[storms out.]


LORELAI: Make sure that carpet is replaced perfectly before they go


LORELAI: I mean perfectly. Nailed down and everything.

MICHEL: Oh you mean that perfectly. Oh I thought you meant the other perfectly. You know the one that could be misinterpreted by the other Michel. You know the one who couldnít understand what you meant by perfectly. [Lorelai closes book and leaves]

DRELLA: Hey what do you think about Pat Benatar?

LORELAI: Great idea, can she play the harp?

SOOKIE: Whoo! Whoo-hoo!! [Sookie is dancing around in the kitchen] I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! [Lorelai comes in] I found it, I found it!

LORELAI: You found what?

SOOKIE: His bill! I found his bill!

LORELAI: What are you talking about?

SOOKIE: It wasnít the risotto, it was the wine! He ordered the wrong wine!

LORELAI: Oh, well great!

SOOKIE: See in the review, he mentioned something about a summer tomato salad which Iíve only made once in the last 3 weeks because Jackson of course decides to get into a fist fight with his tomato grower - thatís a different story.

LORELAI: Yes - save it for Christmas time.

SOOKIE: So Brian, the goatee waiter, only worked one shift last week because his girlfriend kicked him out and he had to move.

LORELAI: Celia kicked him out?

SOOKIE: Well, he didnít want kids.

LORELAI: But she knew that when they moved in.

SOOKIE: Women always think they can change men.


SOOKIE: So anyhow, I checked the dates, I narrowed the day down and I found a party that had ordered practically everything on the menu including -

LORELAI: The magic risotto!

SOOKIE: Yes, the risotto and a riesling. Ha! A riesling

LORELAI: Why not just drink battery acid.

SOOKIE: Exactly! Changes the entire flavor of the dish. And the fact that Brian even served it makes me think Celia is a little bit better off without him.

LORELAI: Iím so glad hon, oh! [they hug giggling]

[Jackson comes in]

JACKSON: Ok, here are the zucchinis

[Sookie takes one and looks at it]

SOOKIE: Too small, takeíem away!

JACKSON: Oh, itís good to have her back huh


JACKSON: Yeah [pause] Youíre still gonna have to pay for the zucchini

[Lorelai smiles. Turns to go as Michel comes in]

MICHEL: There is a man with a funny accent on the phone asking for you.

LORELAI: Really? Did you guys exchange the secret handshake? [giggles with Jackson] Lorelai here [into the phone]


LORELAI: Rory what happened?

RORY: I got hit by a deer.

LORELAI: You got what?

RORY: And then I was late and they wouldn't let me take the test.

LORELAI: [gasps] What?!

RORY: They wouldnít let me take the test so I -

LORELAI: Oh no youíre kidding me?

RORY: Mom...

LORELAI: No, itís ok. Just sit right here, Iíll handle this.

[Goes into Headmaster Charlestonís office. Pan to inside Headmasterís office]

LORELAI: Excuse me. Hello.

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore. Please come in.

LORELAI: Thank you.

CHARLESTON: Have a seat.

LORELAI: Um, I think thereís been a terrible mistake. Rory told me that she wasnít allowed to take her test.

CHARLESTON: She was late.

LORELAI: Right, well, see there were circumstances beyond her control. Rory is never late. Sheís almost annoyingly on time. I think if you checked your records -

CHARLESTON: Past performance has nothing to do with todayís situation.

LORELAI: Ok, but see, she was up all night studying, I was there, she has a witness.

CHARLESTON: Sheís not on trial here.

LORELAI: Well your honor [pause] just a little trial humor, that wonít happen again. Um, see, she got up late, she broke her neck to get here. We donít like locally as you know.

CHARLESTON: The dog at my homework -

LORELAI: Excuse me?

CHARLESTON: My computer crashed and I lost my midterm.

LORELAI: I wasnít making excuses.

CHARLESTON: My grandmother and 1st cousin died. My sister took my report to school instead of hers, my religion prohibits studying after sundown. I went blind last night but Iím fine now.

LORELAI: Thatís not Rory.

CHARLESTON: [getting up] Ms. Gilmore, rules are rules. When youíre late, you forfeit the right to take the test.

LORELAI: Where are you going? [to Max] Where is he going?

MAX: Lorelai please, believe me if I could do anything I would.

LORELAI: Yes, you could let her take the test.

MAX: Iím afraid I canít.

LORELAI: Well thatís not fair.

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore, we are not here to be fair, we are here to educate.

LORELAI: Yes and Iím asking you to please educate my kid.

CHARLESTON: We will, when sheís on time. Have a nice day.

LORELAI: Are you holding that door open for a reason?

CHARLESTON: Our meeting is over.

LORELAI: Like hell it is.

MAX: Lorelai.

LORELAI: Do you have any idea what we have gone through this week? We have been up all night every night studying. We havenít slept. We havenít talked about anything else except this school and this test for seven days. We have stretched ourselves as thin as humanly possible without going completely postal. My God! Weíre only one person!

CHARLESTON: Why donít we narrow our field conversation down to Rory.

LORELAI: Ok, yeah, why donít we. You sit up here in your snotty little school thatís in desperate need of some extra heating vents and you nurture horrible kids who treat each other like mortal enemies. You set impossible standards that make normal people feel less than everyone else. And you take a great kid like Rory and you tear her apart!

MAX: I donít think thatís completely fair.

LORELAI: [to Max] And you! You say sheís smart and sheíll be fine and this rotting stodgy rathole could use somebody like her and then you completely shut her out of a test that sheís crammed for, that sheís ready for, that she completely deserves to take!

MAX: I didnít call this place a Ďratholeí

LORELAI: Oh no thatís true. I added that. Wouldnít want you to get in trouble with ĎIl duceí here. I thought this place was going to be so great! And now I guess this goes on the ĎBoy was I wrongí list, right above gauchos but just below the ĎFlashdanceí phase.

CHARLESTON: My goodness you do like to throw fits in your family.

LORELAI: What are you talking about?

CHARLESTON: Your daughter threw a similar if not as manic fit of her own this morning.

LORELAI: Please. Rory doesnít throw fits. Sheís the most even tempered person I know.

CHARLESTON: Well then, she did a lovely impression of you.

LORELAI: Well I donít -

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore, everything you said in your rant was absolutely true - without the colorful embellishments of course. We do set impossible standards, and such standards do foster highly competitive children. However that is life and that is Chilton.

LORELAI: Rules can change, you can change them.

CHARLESTON: I told your daughter when she came here that this place was not for everyone and might not be for her. I will now tell you the same thing. She doesnít have to be here. She doesnít have to go to Harvard, maybe she shouldnít if she canít handle the pressure, she should leave. Now you can take your daughter home now and decide what it is you intend to do. However, another outburst from either of you will not be on the options list. Thank you for coming in. That will be all.


LORELAI: You got hit by a deer?

[Pan to outside]

LORELAI: You did! You got hit by a deer.

RORY: It just came out of nowhere.

LORELAI: You couldnít just run into a wall like other kids.

RORY: Can we just go home please.

LORELAI: Yeah, sure. Jump in.


LUCENT: May I help you?

SOOKIE: Yes, hello [with her back to him] My name is Sookie St. James, Iím

the chef at the Independence Inn.

LUCENT: I know who you are.

SOOKIE: You do? Well, Iím flattered, you write about a lot of chefs -

LUCENT: What are you doing here?

SOOKIE: Right. Well I know that this is a terrible intrusion but - are you cooking?

LUCENT: Iím making chicken.

SOOKIE: You used too much salt.

LUCENT: I did not

SOOKIE: Well it smells salty.

LUCENT: Iím closing the door.

SOOKIE: No wait. I found out your address from my network of culinary friends -

LUCENT: Look, this is really inappropriate. I gave you a good review, I suggest you go home.

SOOKIE: I donít care about the review. I just - I want you to try this disk, with this wine [handing them to him still with her back turned] Iíll wait.


LORELAI: Quite a day huh?

RORY: I donít wanna talk - please.

LORELAI: You know, I just think that we should talk about it.

RORY: Stop the car.


RORY: Here - stop here. [jumps out]

LORELAI: Youíre just feeling like an impromptu nature walk?

RORY: I wanna see if itís ok.

LORELAI: If whatís ok?

RORY: The deer.

LORELAI: Sweetie youíre never gonna find the deer.

RORY: Well Iím gonna try.

LORELAI: Well Iím in heels!

RORY: Well stay in the car.

LORELAI: Itís dangerous in the car with all the kamikaze deer running around [getting out of car]

RORY: I have to find it.

LORELAI: Alright, wait up! So what does the deer look like? Huh? Does it have any distinguishing marks - besides the word ĎJeepí imprinted on itís forehead.

RORY: Itís just a deer.

LORELAI: I had a nice chat with Headmaster Charleston today. He said you went ballistic in class.

RORY: I was just tired.

LORELAI: You wouldnít have been so tired if you hadnít been killing yourself all week.

RORY: I was studying, I didnít have a choice.

LORELAI: Well maybe you shouldnít be studying that hard.

RORY: What are you talking about?

LORELAI: Youíre 16. You should get some sleep and eat a real meal and come up for air once in a while.

RORY: They kicked me out.

LORELAI: No, of course not. They love you. This is coming from me.

RORY: Are you saying I should quit?

LORELAI: Iím saying, if you wanted to go back to your other school with Lane, that would be fine with me.

RORY: You donít think I can do it.

LORELAI: You know thatís not true. I think you can do anything. But you donít lose it in class. Thatís not part of the Rory personality description and if youíre losing it in class because youíre tired or stressed or working to hard, Iím worried about that. I have to be.

RORY: I lost it once.

LORELAI: Ok, fine. Itís just I canít remember, you know, a time when we werenít talking about you going to Harvard. It was just a given, that what we were working for. Everything went in that direction.

RORY: I know.

LORELAI: And Iím forgetting where all that started.

RORY: What are you talking about?

LORELAI: Iím talking about - did it start with me? Or did it start with you? Was it my dream that you go to Harvard.

RORY: Mom. [shaking her head]

LORELAI: Because I never got to do the big fancy college thing? Maybe all this time Iím thinking itís all for Rory, when really it wasnít.

RORY: Iím not doing this because of you.

LORELAI: Because if you are, you donít have to.

RORY: I know that.

LORELAI: Iíll still love you. Even if you canít support me in my old age in the fabulous manner to which I plan on growing accustomed.

RORY: Iíll remember that generous gesture.

LORELAI: Thank you. I just want you to be happy.

RORY: I am.

LORELAI: No, I want you to be Ďdancing through the woods crazyí happy. And if Chilton and Harvard is not gonna do that for you, then forget about them.

RORY: I was just behind. I never caught up with all the reading. Thatís why I got a ĎDí. I can catch up. I will catch up and when I do, everything will be fine.


RORY: You know Harvard is my dream. I want it more than anything, I swear

LORELAI: Yeah but -

RORY: I appreciate all that youíre saying. I do. But Iím not ready to give up on Chilton yet.

LORELAI: Fair enough.

RORY: I do however reserve the right to change my mind.

LORELAI: Thatís your prerogative as long as you remain a woman.

RORY: Thanks though.

LORELAI: For what?

RORY: For yelling at the Headmaster the way you did.

LORELAI: Oh, I didnít yell at him.

RORY: You called him Ďil duceí

LORELAI: Which means Ďkind sirí in Cantonese.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: Youíre welcome. How much longer are we gonna look for this crazy deer?

RORY: Just a little further. I just hope he didnít hurt himself.

LORELAI: I just hope he has insurance.


LORELAI: Go get that plaid skirt off and grab your books, weíre going to Lukeís.

RORY: Donít you have to get back to work?

LORELAI: Ah, they can last a little while longer without me. Plus Michel gets so cute when he feels like heís been overworked. His ears puff out, his nostrils flare, big fun. Go.

RORY: Iím gone.

[Phone rings, lets machine pick up]

LORELAI: [voice on answering machine] Itís us, weíre not here. We have a life, get over it.

[Lorelai closes books in the living room as she listens to the message, then sits on the couch]

MAX: Hi this is a message for Rory. Itís Max Medina calling. I just wanted to say that I talked to Headmaster Charleston or Ďil duceí as heís more affectionately know at the Gilmore household, and heís agreed to let you do some extra credit work to help make up for the missed test today. Now Iím not sure what the extra credit work is yet, but it probably will be time consuming and extremely painful. It will however get you back up to where you rightfully belong Rory, donít lose heart. Make this work. And if youíre mother is listening, Lorelai it was a pleasure encountering you. I hope it happens again. Anyways, see you in class. Bye.

The End

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